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YouTuber gets ‘Home Alone’ style revenge on package-stealing thieves

Stealing a package from someone’s front door is a reprehensible and apparently very common crime.

Spare a few minutes of your day then to watch one YouTuber get his own back on these so-called ‘porch pirates’ after building a homemade glitter bomb that detonates the second the package is opened.

Mark Rober, a former Nasa engineer turned YouTube personality, explains in great detail how he created a glitter-spewing mechanism hooked up to smartphones that both tracked location and filmed the action as it happened.

Apparently this took a long time to build (Image: Mark Rober)
Testing the glitter bomb (Image: Mark Rober)
Someone steals it from the porch (Image: Mark Rober)
Sweet, sweet revenge: Mark Rober

Just for added effect, he put in some fart spray as well.

The package was dressed up to look like an Apple HomePod. A smart speaker that costs £320 that you definitely don’t want stolen from your doorstep.

The results, it has to be said, are brilliant.

As Rober points out, if any of the thieves had bothered to check the (fake) shipping label they’d have seen the ‘HomePod’ was being delivered from Kevin McCallister to Harry and Marv.

Thankfully, for us and the over six million other views of the video since it was uploaded, everyone failed to catch the Home Alone reference.

The results are just wonderful to behold.


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