Zoom acquires encryption service Keybase as part of 90-day security bolstering efforts – Livemint

Viral video collaboration platform, Zoom, has acquired encryption and security service Keybase, as part of its 90-day plan to fix the security and privacy issues in its platform. The acquisition will help Zoom build end-to-end encryption mechanisms into its platform that are suited to its wide customer base.

“There are end-to-end encrypted communications platforms. There are communications platforms with easily deployable security. There are enterprise-scale communications platforms. We believe that no current platform offers all of these. This is what Zoom plans to build, giving our users security, ease of use, and scale, all at once,” said Eric S. Yuan, chief executive officer (CEO) of Zoom.

Zoom has both enterprise and consumer faces for its platform now, though the company has primarily focused its efforts on the enterprise business historically. The company could use Keybase’s technology to build the security standards common in both consumer and enterprise class collaboration platforms. While Zoom hasn’t said so, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the company to provide separate security standards for separate customer bases.

For instance, while end-to-end encryption may be suited for regular communications, many enterprises may not want their entire collaboration tools to be end-to-end encrypted, since it would take away a company’s capability to view internal communications etc.

“The first step is getting the right team together. Keybase brings deep encryption and security expertise to Zoom, and we’re thrilled to welcome Max and his team. Bringing on a cohesive group of security engineers like this significantly advances our 90-day plan to enhance our security efforts,” Yuan said.

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Keybase was launched back in 2014 and has secure messaging and file sharing technologies. The company maps people’s online identities to encryption keys, and can be used to verify the identity of a person who holds a certain account. It’s unclear how Zoom will use Keybase’s technology right now.


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