10 Privacy Coins Under $1 To Help Diversify Your Crypto Investments

Privacy coins remain a bone of contention when it comes to governments trying to regulate crypto transactions but that has not diminished their popularity. As more blockchains become easier to track, crypto investors have moved to privacy coins in a bid to better conceal their financial footprints. So as the popularity of these digital assets grows, here are 10 privacy coins still trading under $1 that could serve as a good diversification for your portfolio.

Secret (SCRT) Leads Low Cap Privacy Coins

Secret (SCRT) is one of the most popular privacy coins after Monero (XMR). It uses private smart contracts to help crypto investors keep their financial transactions confidential. At a price of $0.249, SCRT is no doubt one of the best choices for low-cap privacy coins.

Beldex (BDX)

This private coin is unique in the fact that users can choose to make their transactions either public or private. So depending on the kind of transaction, you can easily decide to make it traceable or untraceable. As one of the only privacy coins with this feature, Belied (BDX) could be a steal at $0.03.

Keep Network (KEEP)

Keep Network offers the ability for already public blockchains to provide an extra layer of privacy for users. It basically helps provide a bridge on these public blockchains to allow users to carry out private transactions. Its native token, KEEP, is at $0.088, with a market cap of $48 million.

Nym (NYM)

Nym is a project that is working toward securing crypto user data against surveillance. In theory, this will make it impossible for governments to track citizen’s financial data as they keep it hidden. NYM is sitting at $0.1 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.2 million.

Verge (XVG)

Verge is one of the most prominent privacy-focused payment cryptocurrencies out there. Unlike Monero which is usually used to help keep transactions private, Verge also caters to the everyday uses of its native XVG token and is open source. XVG is at $0.0032 with a total market cap of $53 million.

Dusk (DUSK)

Dusk is another Layer 1 privacy blockchain that is fitted to provide institutional-grade privacy to users. However, unlike others, the blockchain is reportedly regulated, albeit decentralized, and caters to large institutions. Its native token DUSK is at $0.1 with a market cap of $45 million.

Crypto total market cap chart from (Privacy coins)

Total market cap above $1.04 trillion | Source: Crypto Total Market Cap on


PIVX provides an anonymous P2P cryptocurrency that uses the Proof of Work 2.0 protocol. Founded in 2015, its name stands for ‘Private Instant Verified Transactions.’ The PIVX token price is at $0.18 with a market cap of $14.2 million.

AirTor Protocol (ATOR)

AirTor Protocol is one that leverages the privacy of the Tor Network to provide private transactions. Additionally, it allows users to earn crypto while contributing to the private Tor Network. ATOR’s price is $0.77 with a market cap of $56.7 million.

Pirate Chain (ARRR)

Just like the name suggests, Pirate Chain allows users to keep their transactions private. It combines the power of Delayed Proof of Work (dPow), with Monero’s enforced private-only transactions and Cash’s zero-knowledge proof (zk-SNARKs) to provide what it believed to be ironclad privacy. Its native token, ARRR, is currently sitting at $0.16.

Finder (FRA)

Findora uses an EVM and UTXO Layer to take advantage of the programmability of the former and combine it with the privacy of the latter to provide completely private transactions for users. It is compatible with Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon, as well as other EVM blockchains. The price of FRA is $0.0018 with a fully diluted market cap of $39.3 million.

Disclaimer: Caution When Investing In Crypto

Cryptocurrencies, no matter their sub-classification, are all inherently volatile which means wide price fluctuations. This provides an opportunity for investors to make a lot of money but at the same time creates an environment that could see crypto investors lose their capital very quickly. So it is important for investors to do their own research before investing in any assets listed here.


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