Most organisations experience business acceleration by using cloud services: McAfee

PUNE: A new survey by cybersecurity firm McAfee found that 87% organisations experience business acceleration by using cloud services. The Cloud and Risk Adoption Report was conducted across 1000 companies globally, along with...

AI has become so simple and affordable that anyone can use it

There has never been a better time than now to develop smart applications. Users across the globe are capturing data digitally, whether this is in the physical world through sensors or GPS, or...

Govt asks WhatsApp to fingerprint messages for traceability: Report

The government has asked Facebook-owned WhatsApp to digitally fingerprint messages shared on the...

Inside Heathrow's high-tech baggage system

Heathrow's luggage system can handle 180,000 items per day but it's already straining at the seams. It's just one of the parts of the airport which will need an upgrade once the third...

Is YouTube too big to fix everything?

YouTube looks to more human monitors and machine learning to catch fake videos and lewd comments, but "you'll still be able to find examples."        READ SOURCE

Police turn to private doorbell cameras to help catch criminals

Authorities in Iowa are asking residents to register their cameras so police can quickly request footage if an incident occurs nearby.        READ SOURCE

Amazon fires back at Ocasio-Cortez’s claim that it pays workers ‘starvation wages’

Amazon committed to pay a $15 minimum wage to all of its employees, starting in 2018.        READ SOURCE

4 ways to prevent blisters

Quick tips for preventing and caring for blisters on your feet        READ SOURCE is a professional coursework writing service for UK students.

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