11 equity schemes offer over 20% SIP returns in 20 years

Equity mutual fund investors hope to pocket ‘decent’ returns from their SIP investments over a long period. This prompted ETMutualFunds to look at the SIP performance of equity schemes in 10 years. We found out that 11 equity schemes have offered over 20% in the 10 year horizon on the investments made through SIP. More data crunching revealed that these schemes also managed to offer over 20% in three, five, and seven years.

Nippon India Small Cap Fund, the topper in the list, gave around 24.47% SIP returns in 10 years. An SIP investment of Rs 1,000 in this fund on November 15, 2013 would be now Rs 4.34 lakh. Quant Small Cap Fund and Quant Tax Plan, two schemes from Quant Mutual Fund, offered 23.55% and 22.86% respectively.

Three schemes gave around 21%. Five schemes gave around 20%. DSP Small Cap Fund offered the lowest return of around 20.18% in the 10-year horizon.

These 11 equity schemes were from ELSS, flexi cap, mid cap, multi cap, and small cap categories. Around seven small cap schemes gave over 20% in a 10-year horizon on SIP investments. One multi cap, mid cap, flexi cap, and ELSS scheme offered over 20% in 10-year horizon.

These 11 schemes offered over 20% in these horizons as well except for Quant Active Fund. Quant Active Fund, the only multi cap fund in the list, gave around 19.25% in the three-year horizon.

Nippon India Small Cap Fund offered the highest return in the three year horizon also. The scheme gave 32.62%. Quant Small Cap Fund gave the highest return in five and seven year horizons. The scheme also offered more than 30% in three,five, and seven year horizons.

In five and seven year horizons, SBI Small Cap Fund gave the least returns among these 11 schemes of around 25.75% and 21.60% respectively.

We considered all equity categories such as large cap, mid cap, large & mid cap, small cap, ELSS, multi cap, focused fund, flexi cap, value, and contra fund categories. We considered XIRR for analyzing SIP performance of equity schemes.

Note, the above exercise is not a recommendation. One should not make investment or redemption decisions based on the above exercise.

One should always consider risk appetite, investment horizon and goal before making investment decisions. Past performance of the scheme does not guarantee future performance.

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