15 Customer Service Stats to Know

15 Customer Service Stats to Know

Whenever you need help with your order or something is wrong with the product you just bought, there’s always a person to answer all your questions. It’s a customer service employee. These people are responsible for communication with the clients and should take care of all unanswered questions when there’s a need. 

The Pandemic hit the industry tremendously. However, customer service is recovering from the global epidemic situation. Is it a laborious task? It’s a very demanding job because many people are wondering how to place an order, book a ticket, or fix their tools. It’s not easy to reach good customer service results, but many companies succeed in providing their clients with top-class answers. 

If you are a call center service provider or want to figure out the stats, we will tell you more. The statistics on customer service can tell a lot about the industry and its tendencies nowadays in general. So let’s dive in and research a bit more together! 

What are some of the most peculiar statistics you can learn about customer service? Here are the numbers you might want to check to improve your business or understand how the industry works. 

  1. How many customers decide if the company is worthy based on customer service? Up to 83% of customers show loyalty to the companies providing personalized customer service messages or calls. 
  2. Recommendations also depend on how the business communicates with the clients through customer service. Around 38% of users tend to recommend the company if they enjoy customer support communication. 
  3. It’s also beneficial for businesses because there’s a 4-8% revenue increase for companies that prioritize their focus on customer satisfaction. 
  4. Up to 86% of first-time clients become long-time product or service users if they rate business communication as good. 
  5. Fortunately, 80% of businesses will use the reports from customer satisfaction to improve their communication. 

People share their feedback about customer service, meaning the industry has opportunities to grow and improve based on the comments. And these stats prove how the focus on client communication can improve the company’s overall picture. 

5 Facts about Customer Service and How Much It Can Cost

In many cases, the absence of customer service leads to dissatisfaction, bad reviews, and even the loss of a current or potential client. Thankfully, there are interesting facts customer service can relate to. Let’s review them and see how much a bad communication experience can cost businesses. 

  1. Bad experiences with a company can lead up to 65% of customers to look for another brand. It’s one of the easiest ways to lose loyal clients in a blink of an eye. 
  2. It can take only 1 bad experience for 65% of surveyed customers to prefer a competitor. The stakes are high, so it is a reason to focus on customer communication and problem-solving techniques. 
  3. How many potential clients can back out of a purchase when the communication is poorly established? Up to 78% of potential buyers refuse to buy when experiencing communication issues with customer support workers. 
  4. Only 20% of customers are ready to forgive the brand when a blunder in communication or customer support occurs. 
  5. It’s usually 1 bad customer review out of 12 positives, so the statistics are quite promising for businesses. 

How can these statistics about customer service help? The more businesses research the information about their clients and track the satisfaction reports, the better, more loyal future awaiting them. 

5 Customer Service Stats to Achieve Success

How to be successful and meet the needs of a potential or long-term client? Communication is critical. However, there’s one more detail to add. It’s called personal touch. How many companies failed after generalizing their support activity? How many businesses reached their top revenue results when the personal touch was introduced? Let’s figure it out by looking at the numbers. 

  1. Businesses need to keep their communication well-reviewed and personalized because it leads to keeping the business fruitful. Moreover, it’s the conclusion of 70% of customers. 
  2. Around 59% of customers are convinced businesses can’t work without a proper digital experience. 
  3. Companies can gather insights from social media to increase the satisfaction of their clients. And now, 23% of companies do so. 
  4. More than 55% of customers will agree to share some of their private data to improve communication and services. 
  5. It’s important for 79% of customers to have a real, detailed conversation to be heard and understood. 

It’s critical for businesses to engage in feedback, support, and communication with the users. When these factors fail or are of a lower quality, that’s the overall business failure. What should be done? The more the company prioritizes customer service, the better client feedback can be. 

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