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2023 Made in Himmerland prize payout: What is winner’s share?

The 2023 Made in Himmerland event offers a total prize money pool of $3.25 million. The tournament, taking place at HimmerLand in Farso, Denmark, involves 78 professional players who will compete over four rounds. Those who successfully complete the tournament will earn DP World Tour prize money and receive an official paycheck this week.

The Made in Himmerland prize pool offers a substantial winner’s share of $552,500, while the runner-up receives $357,500. This breakdown of the Made in Himmerland prize money distribution ensures that over 17 percent of the total purse is awarded to the champion. Furthermore, the payout structure guarantees earnings for each DP World Tour player, including the 76th-place finisher in this week’s tournament.

Notable players, such as Joost Luiten, Andy Sullivan, and Robert MacIntyre, lead the field in the Made in Himmerland competition.

The event began with a field of 156 players, with a cut being made after two rounds. All professional players who complete the tournament receive a payment, but the specific amount each player receives from the overall Made in Himmerland full-field payout is determined by their final position.

Following the completion of 36 holes, the top 65 players and ties qualified for the cut in the 2023 Made in Himmerland tournament. This implies that all players who made the cut have the opportunity to improve their rankings in the final round. It’s worth noting that one amateur who made the cut will not receive any monetary compensation for their performance.

The precise breakdown of the Made in Himmerland prize money payout is contingent upon the DP World Tour cut. In the event that more than 65 professional players make the cut, the DP World Tour will contribute additional funds to the prize pool to ensure that all participants receive compensation.Under the DP World Tour cut rule, which is based on the top 65 players and ties, players may face a secondary cut imposed by the DP World Tour if more than 78 players qualify for the initial cut.

2023 Made in Himmerland: Winner’s share, first-place payout and more

  • Winner’s share/first-place payout: $552,500
  • Second place: $357,500
  • Third place: $203,450
  • Fourth place: $162,500
  • Fifth place: $137,800
  • Sixth place: $113,750
  • Seventh place: $97,500
  • Eighth place: $81,250
  • Ninth place: $72,800
  • Tenth place: $65,000
  • Eleventh place: $59,800
  • Twelfth place: $55,900
  • Thirteenth place: $52,325
  • Fourteenth place: $49,725
  • Fifteenth place: $47,775
  • Sixteenth place: $45,825
  • Seventeenth place: $43,875
  • Eighteenth place: $41,925
  • Nineteenth place: $40,300
  • Twentieth place: $39,000
  • Twenty-first place: $37,700
  • Twenty-second place: $36,725
  • Twenty-third place: $35,750
  • Twenty-fourth place: $34,775
  • Twenty-fifth place: $33,800
  • Twenty-sixth place: $32,825
  • Twenty-seventh place: $31,850
  • Twenty-eighth place: $30,875
  • Twenty-ninth place: $29,900
  • Thirtieth place: $28,925
  • Thirty-first place: $27,950
  • Thirty-second place: $26,975
  • Thirty-third place: $26,000
  • Thirty-fourth place: $25,025
  • Thirty-fifth place: $24,050
  • Thirty-sixth place: $23,075
  • Thirty-seventh place: $22,425
  • Thirty-eighth place: $21,775
  • Thirty-ninth place: $21,125
  • Fortieth place: $20,475
  • Forty-first place: $19,825
  • Forty-second place: $19,175
  • Forty-third place: $18,525
  • Forty-fourth place: $17,875
  • Forty-fifth place: $17,225
  • Forty-sixth place: $16,575
  • Forty-seventh place: $15,925
  • Forty-eighth place: $15,275
  • Forty-ninth place: $14,625
  • Fiftieth place: $13,975
  • Fifty-first place: $13,325
  • Fifty-second place: $12,675
  • Fifty-third place: $12,025
  • Fifty-fourth place: $11,375
  • Fifty-fifth place: $11,050
  • Fifty-sixth place: $10,725
  • Fifty-seventh place: $10,400
  • Fifty-eighth place: $10,075
  • Fifty-ninth place: $9,750
  • Sixtieth place: $9,425
  • Sixty-first place: $9,100
  • Sixty-second place: $8,775
  • Sixty-third place: $8,450
  • Sixty-fourth place: $8,125
  • Sixty-fifth place: $7,800


  1. What is 2023 Made in Himmerland?
    The 2023 Made in Himmerland is a professional golf tournament sanctioned by the DP World Tour. This year’s event marks the fourth edition of the tournament, and it is set to take place at the scenic Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort located in Farsø, Denmark.
  2. Who won 2022 Made in Himmerland?
    Danish professional golfer Rasmus Højgaard emerged as the victor in the 2022 Made in Himmerland tournament, showcasing his skills on the green. Born on March 29, 2001, in Silkeborg, Denmark, Højgaard transitioned to the professional circuit in 2020. Throughout his career, he has secured three notable tournament victories, including the prestigious 2022 Made in Himmerland title. As a member of the European Tour, Højgaard currently holds the 118th position in the Official World Golf Ranking, solidifying his presence among the top golfers worldwide.

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