2024 Crypto Market Outlook for Nonprofits – The Giving Block

With Bitcoin up over 100% this year, are we on the cusp of a new period of market growth—and a windfall of crypto giving? 

In our new report, we break down several key crypto market patterns and trends and explore what it means for nonprofits. 

What’s inside:
  • How crypto’s volatility has led to new all-time highs
  • Facts about the next “Bitcoin halving” event and why it could increase the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies  
  • Five key crypto industry trends and signals that have boosted crypto investor sentiment 
  • Why so many banks, businesses, and traditional finance leaders are becoming pro-crypto
  • The impact of crypto bull markets on crypto fundraising and the key incentives for investors to donate cryptocurrencies to charities

Not sure if (or when) to accept crypto donations? This report will be an indispensable resource to educate your organization about crypto and how it can help grow your fundraising revenue and attract new, young donors. 


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