3 Reasons Why Your Pharma Business Should Consider Outsourcing Stability Storage

3 Reasons Why Your Pharma Business Should Consider Outsourcing Stability Storage

Businesses which operate within the pharmaceutical industry understand that it is highly regulated, with the stability of products being one of the top priorities. To ensure the safety of consumers, staff etc., pharma businesses must operate within strict environmental conditions to ensure their sustainability, efficiency, safety, and potency.

However, depending on your business’s spatial limitations and budget, adequate stability storage facilities can command a hefty price or be challenging to find. This is where outsourcing stability storage is worth considering.

In this article, we discuss several reasons your pharma business should consider outsourcing stability storage and the benefits of doing so. From twenty-four-seven security and freeing up valuable in-house storage space, we detail how enlisting the services of third-party stability storage providers can be worthwhile for pharma businesses below:

Around the Clock Management

Due to the sensitivity of pharma products, stability equipment must be maintained/managed effectively to prevent any damage caused by equipment failure and the time-consuming nature of documentation should it fail.

Typically, this would all be managed by a nominated Laboratory Manager, who will ensure all daily, monthly, and yearly checks are carried out, organise annual services on all pieces of equipment, check that stock inventory is up-to-date, co-ordinating stability set downs and much more.

However, outsourcing your stability storage to a third-party provider erases all the headaches, documentation, etc., associated with stability management since their team will handle everything on your behalf –allowing you to dedicate more time to pressing business matters.

Frees Up Valuable In-House Space

Due to the sheer size of stability storage equipment like cabinets, walk-in rooms, coolers etc., finding somewhere to store the units themselves can be a challenge (and that’s not even accounting for the associated costs like monitoring systems, annual services etc.!).

At times, smaller pharma businesses might question whether they need to undergo a laboratory refurbishment, extension etc., to accommodate all the necessary equipment, which can be costly and time-consuming.

However, by outsourcing your stability storage by partnering with businesses like Source BioScience, pharma businesses can eliminate unnecessary costs by paying a monthly storage fee. Including backup generators, spare parts, and on-call duty engineers, you can rest assured that your equipment is safe with Source BioScience if you’re short on time, space, or finances.

Consider visiting their website to discover more about their stability storage solutions, take advantage of their knowledge hub, read customer testimonials, and more. Or contact them directly for specific inquiries, and learn how their outsourced storage stability services could benefit your pharma business today. 

Allows You to Dedicate Time to Other Business Areas

The fast-paced nature of the pharma industry has forced businesses to think outside the box when it comes to making their core and non-core activities more efficient by implementing new efficiencies to drive better productivity and get the edge over their competitors.

One of the most popular efficiencies is outsourcing non-core activities like research and development and contract management to third parties. However, outsourcing one of your core activities, like stability storage, gives businesses more time to dedicate to other business areas to save them money in the long run.

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