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6 New Altcoins To Watch This Week As Major Cryptos Struggle – Finbold – Finance in Bold

The crypto market remains in the grips of strong bearish forces, with Bitcoin on the brink of falling below the $26K price level again. 

Major altcoins such as XRP, BNB and Solana are all posting double-digit losses in the weekly time frame, with the top meme tokens not faring any better. 

This crypto crash has resulted in more than $1 Billion worth of long positions getting liquidated, with experts predicting more sell-offs in the near future. 

However, a few new tokens with high utility and strong community backing are showing excellent growth prospects despite the wider market struggles. This article looks at six new altcoins that could outperform the bearish crypto market over the next week and beyond.

Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes has emerged as one of the hottest commodities in the meme coin market, with over $26 million worth of tokens sold in its ICO in just over 3 months. 

Experts like popular crypto YouTuber Zachary Humphries believe that $WSM has all the makings of being the next big meme token. 

The token has strong ties with the legendary Wall St Bets Reddit community which inspired the historic GameStop and AMC bull run in 2021. Since then, the Wall Street Memes group has emerged as the trendiest online trading community with a million-strong social media army. 

The Wall Street Memes token is aiming for a $1 Billion market capitalisation and has adopted community-centric tokenomics to achieve its target. $WSM is offering its own stake-to-earn feature, on top of the 30% token supply that has been reserved for cool community rewards. 

The token has entered the final stage of its presale and will launch on multiple Tier-1 exchanges in just over a month. 

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Sonik Coin

The recently-launched Sonik Coin is gathering strong momentum, having already raised over $250K in its presale phase in less than a week. 

As the name suggests, the token is based on the popular video game character Sonic The Hedgehog. Just as the beloved blue hedgehog is known for its supersonic speed, the Sonik Coin is seeking to be the quickest meme coin to hit the $100 million market cap. 

In order to boost its user adoption, the token has its own on-chain staking mechanism which can help investors earn as much as 229% APY. 

$SONIK is also a true low-cap gem – even with 50% of the entire token supply being up for grabs, the presale has a hard cap of just $2.09 Million. 

The token is set to replicate the remarkable success seen by other Sonic-based meme coins, thanks to the global popularity of the Sonic The Hedgehog video games, movies and cartoons.

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Launchpad XYZ 

The Launchpad XYZ ecosystem is seeking to be a one-stop shop for all things Web3, offering a wide variety of powerful products that cater to every need of users. 

For example, the Launchpad Quotient will rank a diverse set of crypto assets in accordance with their trust and confidence score, ensuring that investors do not miss out on the next Pepe or Floki. 

Similarly, traders can use the Trading Edge platform to make smart market decisions with the help of sentiment analysis and the latest crypto news. Pro traders can also gain a competitive edge by executing their trades through the blazing-fast Terminal engine.  

Launchpad XYZ also offers its own decentralized exchange, a custom Web3 wallet, a premium NFT marketplace, fractionalized assets, etc., making sure users have all they need to succeed in the Web3 space. 

The $LPX token has raised $1.3 million in its ICO and is set to hit the $1.5 million mark next. 

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The demand for AI-powered crypto projects is on the rise, especially after NVIDIA’s remarkable bull rally. yPredict is one such project that is gaining traction, thanks to its next-gen analytics tools and ML-based predictive trading. 

YPredict’s flagship product is its Marketplace platform, which allows Top 1% AI/ML experts to publish their cutting-edge predictive data models. Traders can subscribe to these models and utilize them to devise their own trading strategy. 

Similarly, investors can take advantage of the yPredict Analytics tool that offers chart pattern recognition, sentiment analysis and transaction data analysis. 

Thanks to its high utility, the $YPRED token has already pumped over $3.5 million in its ICO. All token holders will receive exciting discounts on yPredict services as well as lucrative yields from staking the token. 

They will also have lifetime access to the Market Predictions platform which comprises accurate price predictions for thousands of crypto assets and securities. 

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Despite Ripple’s landmark victory against the SEC, XRP has adopted a strong bearish stance due to the threat of a successful SEC appeal. However, the new XRP20 token has emerged as an alternative investment avenue.

The token has also captured the imagination of those investors who missed out on Ripple’s 22,000% rally – XRP20 claims to offer the same growth prospects as when XRP was at its all-time low. 

XRP20 is also popular amongst retail investors due to its stake-to-earn mechanism as well as its efficient burn mechanism – 10% of the tokens will be burned, along with 0.1% of every XRP20 transaction, to create a deflationary token supply and boost the token’s value.

Due to this high demand, the XRP20 presale has already sold out in a short span of a few weeks, generating a lot of FOMO amongst investors who are now lining up for its launch. 

Presale buyers will also be able to claim their tokens from 9am CET time on Tuesday 22nd August when the token has its IEO on Uniswap. With another stake-to-earn token, BTC20, seeing 500% gains after listing earlier this month, hopes are high for XRP20 to see similar gains.

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Optimism is another token that has emerged as a winner in the crypto market today. It is one of the most popular Layer-2 networks and increases the scalability of the Ethereum blockchain with the help of fraud proofs. 

$OP has surged close to 4% over the past 24 hours and is now trading at $1.53. Interestingly, popular analyst @CryptoTony_ believes that the token can see another bump if it manages to hold this level and flip it into a support. 

Michael van de Poppe of MN Trading has also revealed that $OP is part of his portfolio going forward and can generate attractive gains over the coming months. 

TradingView, a technical analysis platform, also gives a Buy signal to the token in the daily time frame. The bulls would next look to flip the 100-day Exponential Moving Average at $1.55, which could result in another bullish wave. 


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