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7 Bike Phone Mounts Our Gear Experts RecommendCourtesy of Retailer

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BELIEVE IT or not, there was once a time when you didn’t have to worry about shoving a smartphone deep into your pant pocket before riding a bike. In 2023, that’s not the case; and whether you’re using a bike for pleasure or for commuting, we all know our phone is coming along for the ride. A good bike phone mount will solve all of the annoying aspects of trying to ride with your phone while keeping it within reach.

We at Men’s Health are avid biking enthusiasts, and it’s safe to say we’ve had our fair share of trial and error when testing bike phone mounts over the years. Right now, we recommend seven bike phone mounts, with our best bike phone mount being the Roam Bike Phone Mount thanks to its smart, universal design and excellent price point.

Most phone bike mounts are universal in the environments they can be used, but we’ve made to note which models perform best at specific tasks. For example, if you’re mountain biking or riding at fast speeds (like on an electric bike) then a more secure mount like the Quad Lock or Peak Design Mount is better suited than others on this list. If you’re looking for a mount with a universal fit to all phone types, then a mount with an adjustable holder like Roam or Lamicall is a better choice. We even made sure to provide a bike phone mount pick for those looking to add a mount to their stationary exercise bike at home.

No matter what type of riding you do, there’s a bike phone mount in here for all riders. Take a look at our picks below and see which models suit your needs best.

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Bike Phone Mount

Designed with hard plastic sides and silicone pieces that wrap around the four corners of nearly any smartphone, the Roam Bike Mount is a stable, universal option for riders that won’t break the bank. We loved how the tool to tighten the mount to the bar is built-in, so you don’t have to worry about bringing around a small Allen wrench with you all the time. What’s also nice is the mount has 360-degree rotation.

One design note we need to point out is the silicone corners that cover the phone. We found these pieces to be annoying when trying to tap out of a text message conversation or tap navigation features when using Google Maps. The obvious solution to not having this issue is opting for a bike phone mount that doesn’t cover the phone display. The tradeoff is doing this, however, means you’re going to pay more for the upgraded bike phone mount. And although the Roam does keep your phone secure when riding, we will say there is some breakdown when taking this mount truly off-road. If you anticipate going over rocky and bumpy terrain (like when mountain biking) there are better mounts to choose from.

With that all being said, the Roam is still an exceptional mount for being under $25. This choice will appeal to most riders who are simply looking for a basic universal mount to keep a phone secure and in place during mostly casual riding.

Dimensions: 2.5 x 5.5 x 1 inches | Materials: Hard plastic, heavy silicone

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Bike Phone Mount


Universal Bar Mount

When it comes to tech and gear products, you really can’t go wrong with Peak Design. Just take a look at the Universal Bar Mount. The smart mount has a silicone strap that wraps around any handlebar (electric scooters included) and locks itself into place. The metal piece you see in the middle of the mount is Peak Design’s SlimLink clip, a type of magnetic locking tech that’s insanely secure. The SlimLink performed the easiest mount to attach our phone to out of all the mounts tested. In fact, it’s probably the only mount on this list that we were able to really get true one-hand on-and-off access of our phone when interacting with the mount—the SlimLink detaches by pressing the release buttons on each side of the mount at the same time.

The caveat to the Universal Bar Mount is you need the SlimLink-compatible phone case that Peak Design makes. You can choose from the Everyday Loop or Everyday Case, and Peak Design makes them for all of the top smartphones on the market. You do need to purchase the add-on here, and when it’s all said and done the mount and phone case are more expensive than what you might expect to pay.

Alas, great products don’t come cheap. If you’re looking to really lock down your bike phone mount, then this is worth the investment. You get one-hand use, multiple viewing positions, and a universal strap that attaches to more than just a bike handle.

Dimensions: 2.7 x 3.7 x 2.5 inches | Materials: Anodized aluminum

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Universal Bar Mount


Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Designed with a unique dual-stage lock, the Quad Lock is the most secure bike phone mount you can get for a good price. The mount has become a favorite in the motorcycle community for its resilience, and riders can even add a vibration-dampening piece onto the Quad Lock to fully limit any buzzing from a motor or hard shaking going over nasty terrain.

The Quad Lock does need to be installed via Allen wrench, so the mount is not movable once fully attached. The Quad Lock is also not the easiest to detach a phone from, as the dual-stage design really makes it a priority to keep your phone as secure as possible. Lastly, you need to have the Quad Lock case for your phone for it to interact with the Quad Lock.

The biggest competitor to the Quad Lock is the Universal Bar Mount from Peak Design. If you’re going for elite security but also want easy one-hand access, go with Peak Design. If you’re going for the absolute best security in the game, then the Quad Lock is your choice.

Dimensions: 5.59 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches | Materials: Glass-filled nylon, stainless steel

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<p><a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Shop Now;elm:context_link;itc:0" class="link ">Shop Now</a></p><p>Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy </p><p>$49.99</p><p></p>

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Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy


Fitness Mount MagSafe Compatible

Stationary bike users, we have not forgotten you. If you’re looking to position a mount on the end of your exercise bike, then this Belkin Fitness Mount is the way to go. It’s simple, easy to pop on, and secure. Just to clarify though, this is only for MagSafe-compatible iPhones, so if you don’t have any of the iPhone 12-14 models then the mount won’t work.

Those with iPhone models that do work will find the MagSafe magnet strong to the phone, allowing you to use your device in a fixed position (horizontal or vertical) while you power through your workout. Who needs a shiny bike with a touchscreen when you can just watch your favorite shows and movies on a $35 mount?

Dimensions: 5.7 x 2.3 x 1 inches | Materials: Rubber, MagSafe magnet

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Fitness Mount MagSafe Compatible


Bike Phone Holder, Motorcycle Phone Mount

For those looking for a wallet-friendly rugged case, this one from Lamicall does a great job at keeping a smartphone in-place when riding gravel or trail. The design of the mount holds all four corners of the phone, and while it’s a lot bulkier than some of the other universal mounts on this list, the thick bumpers made the phone easy to pop in and pop out of the mount.

Where this mount shines brightest is in its easy one-hand use, as you can slide the phone into the mount using one hand and bring it out one-handed. The piece of the mount that attaches to the bike is also smart, as it requires no tools and uses a type of latch instead to secure the mount to the handlebars. When in use, you can turn your phone to a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Dimensions: 4.2 x 3.1 x 1.5 inches | Materials: Hard plastic, metal

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Bike Phone Holder, Motorcycle Phone Mount


Mobile Bike Mount Out Front

The Mobile Bike Mount Out Front has the same SlimLink locking system as the Universal Bar Mount, but the actual attachment to the handlebar is, of course, out in front of your eyes so you can see your phone without looking down. The bar attachment on the Mobile Bike Mount Out Front also differs in the fact you need an Allen wrench to screw in the mount, so this is a little better for rougher terrain but less mobile than the silicone strap design on the Universal Bar Mount.

It’s true the out front mount could be used for all types of biking, but we especially enjoyed using it for mountain biking and trail riding since we were able to see the map in a better viewing angle.

Dimensions: 2.7 x 3.7 x 2.5 inches | Materials: Anodized aluminum

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Mobile Bike Mount Out Front


Hard Casing Bike Bag, Sensitive TPU Touch-Screen

If you’re looking for a storage solution to pair with your bike phone mount, this hard case bag from White Fall is a nice pick. The fabric is tough, so you don’t have to worry about it slouching and creasing, and the bag does well at batting away water—you even get a cover to wrap over the bag when the rain really starts coming down. You can place your phone into the mount by zipping open the bag and sliding it into the plastic sleeve. We found the plastic sleeve is really snug when testing, so once your phone is in the case it’s probably not worth trying to take it out until after you reach your destination. The screen the phone sits behind itself does well as responding to touch, but it does get kinda tricky trying to tap on your keyboard when texting at times.

Where this bag shines though is its incorporated storage compartment, where you can place your keys, wallet, and more. No more bulging pockets while riding. What a concept!

Dimensions: 7.48 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches | Materials: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Germany Bayer TPU

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Hard Casing Bike Bag, Sensitive TPU Touch-Screen


What to Look for When Buying a Bike Phone Mount

Phone Security: All of the bike phone mounts above are going to protect your phone at a basic level, but if you’re anticipating needing a phone mount for more tumultuous terrain or high-speed riding, then you’re going to want to prioritize phone security much more than you would for casual strolls. (We define phone security as anything from your phone rattling and shifting in the mount to completely popping out of the mount and falling onto the ground.) Really phone security comes down to this: the cheaper options are going to at least keep your phone in place, but the more expensive mounts are more likely to keep your phone secure through all types of riding.

Use of Phone Case: Many of the best bike phone mounts match with a coordinating phone case, and the reasoning is simple: you get a much more secure and tighter fit on the mount when you have a design that accommodates the exact dimensions of your phone. This isn’t to knock universal mounts though, because you do get a high level of security with the ones we’ve chosen above; but with a matching phone case, brands can design an attachment that’s going to fasten clean to the mount and allow you to have full access to your phone screen (remember some universal mounts have impediments that cover parts of your phone screen).

Detaching from the Mount: If you’re someone who likes to pop your phone out and take pictures while riding, then a mount that accommodates easier one-hand use is for you. Some of the universal mounts, like the Roam, can be quickly detached from the bike; and the best one-hand-use mount we tested was the Peak Design Universal Bar Mount, thanks to the SlimLink tech on the mount. It also should be noted that easier detachment from a mount can help with taking phone calls and plotting navigation, but really you should not be using your phone and riding at the same time if you can help it. Pull over and make a stop wherever you are riding if you need to call, text, or access the internet.

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How Do I Install a Bike Mount?

Most bike mounts can be installed without the use of tools. Some mounts are designed to be secured with latches and others with screws. If you do buy a bike mount that needs to be screwed on, then it’s likely your mount will come with the kind of wrench you need for the task (usually it’s some sort of small Allen wrench).

Is it Safe to Mount a Phone on a Bike?

Bike mounts are great for keeping your phone safe and for navigation. You should not use your bike mount to watch videos or text while riding, and you should not try and make phone calls while riding unless it’s hands-free. So, when used properly, bike phone mounts are definitely safe to use.

Are All Bike Mounts Universal?

Almost all bike mounts are universal when it comes to fitting on the handlebars or frame of a bike, but it’s always important to know your bike dimensions and to read the bike mount dimensions. In terms of mounts being universal to any phone, that’s a little tricky. The good bike phone mounts (like the ones we recommend) are all pretty solid at taking any type of phone—especially the mounts that have universal fit. And if you are looking at a bike phone mount that needs a matching phone case, most of the good brands carry phone cases for all the most popular smartphones.

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Why Trust Us

In order to keep up with new innovations and product releases, the MH tech and gear team is continually testing all of the latest products in biking. When it comes to bike phone mounts, our editors and writers looked at 15 different mounts, with many of the individuals testing specific mounts for several weeks at a time.

We also inspected the bike phone mounts here in the office, taking an in-depth look at the overall build quality and design of the mounts. Lastly, we considered what each bike phone mount does best by applying them to different types of riding scenarios, from mountain biking to leisure biking on flattop pavement.

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How We Selected

The MH commerce team thoroughly researched and tested several bike phone mounts, from universal mounts to mounts with matching phone cases. We evaluated bike phone mounts based on durability, security, ease of detachment from the mount, and price point. The list above represents our honest picks for the best bike phone mounts of 2023.

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