A hobby for our people persons

By the looks of it, 2024 general election is about as lively as hitting the snooze button on a Monday morning. If we’re pointing fingers at low turnout and general methodology, let’s not forget politicians, who seem more adept than ever to say the same old, same old. Take those yawn-inducing moments when reporters toss out the age-old question to fresh-faced politicos: ‘Why politics?’ We expect some witty retort. Instead, we get nuggets like ‘I love connecting with people’ or ‘I’m a people person.’ And then there’s the ultimate snoozer: ‘I enjoy working with people.’ What’s with this insistence to showcase people-mania?

We get it. You’re human. But, for voters listening to that standard tune is like listening to the same muzak in the elevator. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if politicians made it a little worthwhile for voters? ‘I’m here because the perks of being an MP/MLA are sweeter than a corner office with a view.’ Or, ‘I may not be a fan of heat and dust, but there’s something oddly satisfying about having a crowd attending a rally just to hear my voice. Nobody paid attention to me back when I was just a lowly prefect in boarding school. Now, I’ve got my own chamchas!’

Sure, these won’t get you to the top of the ballot. But hey, at least we, the voters, won’t be in danger of nodding off into our coffee cups this election season.


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