Achieving peace

Q. Can violence and war ever be a means to achieving peace?

A.War will not serve as a means to achieving peace. This is an unadulterated truth that history has revealed to us. Unless a transformation takes place in one’s consciousness, peace will remain a far cry. Only spiritual thinking and living will bring this transformation. Therefore, we will never be able to correct a particular situation by waging war.

Peace and violence are opposites. Violence is strong reaction, not response. Reaction triggers more reactions. Amma has heard that in England, there existed a peculiar way of punishing thieves. Having brought the culprit to a crossroads, they would flog the thief in front of a big gathering – to let the whole town know of the punishment they would receive if they committed a crime.

However, soon they had to change the system, as such occasions created a wonderful opportunity for pickpockets…. Most do not know how to use freedom in a manner benefiting society. So, a certain amount of fear – ‘I will be punished if I don’t observe the law’ – is good. However, choosing violence and war to establish peace and harmony will not have long-lasting effect. This is simply because violence creates deep wounds and hurts feelings in society’s mind, which will manifest as stronger violence and conflict at a later stage….

Only an expanded consciousness is capable of true understanding. This is why spirituality is so important in today’s world.


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