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Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone feature, which essentially turns any iPhone into a contactless payment terminal, is coming to Alaska Airlines flights. According to the airline, flight attendants will use Tap to Pay on iPhone to accept contactless payments for in-flight purchases.

In a press release, Alaska Airlines says that travelers will be able to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless cards, or any other contactless payment method. The initiative is an expansion of the airline’s existing use of iPhones for things like checking seat assignments and communication.

Tap to Pay on iPhone was first announced by Apple back in February 2022 as a way to turn iPhones into contactless payment terminals. Since then, the feature has gradually expanded to additional countries around the world. Multiple payment platforms, such as Square and Stripe, have also integrated the feature into their systems.

In this case, Alaska Airlines is teaming up with Stripe for its implementation of Tap to Pay on iPhone. The company says that it is the “first airline to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone.”

Coming soon to your next flight, you can pay for your alcoholic beverage or snack pack with just a simple tap from your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay with Apple Pay, other digital wallet, or contactless credit or debit card – no more swiping!

Because of new technology from Apple and our partnership with Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, we can now use those iPhones to accept your contactless payment method of choice.

Charu Jain, senior vice president of innovation and merchandising at Alaska Airlines, touted the news in a press release:

“We’re constantly innovating to give our guests the most seamless and caring experience possible. We’re proud to partner with Stripe to be the first airline to bring Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone technology to flight.”

Tap to Pay on iPhone is available now on select Alaska Airlines flights. The company says it will launch across its entire fleet within the next “few months.” You can use it for things like in-flight meals, snacks, and drinks.

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