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Analyst: Crypto market cap to reach $7.5t, Bitcoin to hit $150k by 2025 – crypto.news

A Wall Street firm forecasts that the cryptocurrency market cap will reach $7.5 trillion by 2025, and Bitcoin will reach $150,000.

Analysts at Bernstein recently discussed that the crypto market will double its size within the next year. This would mean that some leading cryptocurrencies by market cap, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, would continue to rally substantially if such large-scale inflow persist. 

The projection sees the market value of crypto assets expanding from the current $2.8 trillion to $7.5 trillion, with Bitcoin leading the charge. Expected to evolve into a $3 trillion asset by 2025, Bitcoin’s growth will likely be fueled by the successful launch of exchange-traded funds linked to the cryptocurrency, with its value potentially hitting $150,000 next year.

robinhood stock price
Robinhood stock price | Source: Google Finance

Following positive operational data for February, including a rise in managed assets and trading volume, Robinhood’s stock soared, reaching its highest price since December 2021 during Thursday’s trading session in New York. The company’s stock has seen an impressive increase of over 40% this year.

The research firm has also launched coverage on Robinhood Markets, recommending a strong buy as the analysts anticipate a substantial crypto market upswing. Bernstein analyst Gautam Chhugani predicts a ninefold increase in Robinhood’s cryptocurrency trading volumes within two years, suggesting investors should capitalize on this growth trajectory.

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