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Google has finally gone ahead and published the Android Security Bulletin for December, and a number of vulnerabilities have now been addressed. However, it is worth noting that the update is still not available on Pixel devices or other devices. So, if you have been waiting for the update, there is a chance that you might have to wait a little longer.

The latest Android Security Patch for December 2023 should offer you peace of mind

Based on the information provided in the December 2023 Android Security Bulletin, there are security fixes in security patch level 2023-12-05 and later. All partners are informed of these issues a month before the publication, and the source code patches will be available on AOSP within the coming days.

With the latest security bulletin, Google talks about tackling 85 vulnerabilities, with several being Critical and High severity vulnerabilities. The new Android patch should also address a Critical-level vulnerability that allows remote code execution without needing any user interaction, and if that does sound scary to you, that is because it is.

While we finally have access to the Android Security Bulletin for December, we are still waiting for Pixel devices to actually receive the update. The update should have rolled out on Monday, but so far, there is no trace of it. There is a chance that the update could come out later this week, and when it does, you will see it on your supported devices without any issues coming your way.

It is also worth noting that the December security patch should also be bringing the new Pixel Feature Drop, which could be another reason as to why the update still has not hit the Pixel devices so far. Again, you will be notified when the update is finally available.

Honestly, I am glad to see that Google is actively working on making sure that all Android users have a good experience and aren’t running into issues that are potentially threatening to their devices. While these monthly patches might seem like small, insignificant updates, in reality, they are very helpful, and I would always advise all the users to make sure that they are updating their devices without any delay.

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