App-based delivery services transforming convenience with 'quick commerce'

These days, there’s an innovation popping up faster than you can say ‘Pehle app’. Take app-based delivery services. After we all fell in love with their convenience, they raised the stakes with ‘quick commerce‘. Suddenly, items are arriving at our doorstep before we’ve even had a chance to recheck what we ordered. And it’s not just food.

Delivery services also double as quick couriers, zipping across the city to deliver all kinds of stuff. Clients of app-based services are taking a leaf out of the app book. In Bengaluru, a job-seeker, instead of sending off his CV and cover letter by email – which would have been faster – sent them by Blinkit. Word spread on X like super delivery agents, and it looks like this candidate has bypassed not just email piles but other candidates for thinking outside the box.

With the ever-evolving landscape of app-based services, there’s no telling what ingenious strategies or revenue streams will emerge next from this resume-delivery case study. Will they tie up with, say, resume services and job portals to create a seamless experience for job seekers?

Or tie up with brick-and-mortar retail shops to deliver a bunch of, say, saris that are not available online? As long as there is desire, we can expect new objets de desir to be delivered – not in, say, six days, but in a few minutes or hours the same day.


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