Apple Foldable Device In The Works, Will It Replace iPad Mini? – Times Now

Apple’s potential entry into the foldable device market, sized between 7 and 8 inches, sparks excitement. Rumours suggest it could replace the iPad mini, challenging competitors like Samsung and Huawei.

Reports suggest Apple’s foldable device could replace iPad mini in 2026.

Apple is making waves in the tech industry as reports hint at the company’s foray into the foldable device market. The possibility of a foldable, sized between 7-inch and 8-inch, has sparked excitement and speculation about Apple’s next groundbreaking innovation.

Potential iPad mini Replacement

While Apple is also rumoured to be working on an OLED iPad mini set for release in 2026, the purpose and positioning of this potential foldable device raise questions. Could it be a revolutionary replacement for the iPad mini, signalling a shift in Apple’s product lineup?


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