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Google and Apple continue to voice their concern about the recent laws that force them to allow people to sideload apps on Android and iOS, respectively. But most of you already know that Android has always allowed installing apps from other app stores, which doesn’t sit well with Apple and Tim Cook has repeatedly talked about the reasons.

Now, the company is being compelled to allow sideloading of apps, which is coming in early 2024 and Apple’s security head is the latest Apple executive to speak openly about the matter and what the company fears when people get the choice to install apps from other platforms.

Ivan Krstic is Head of security engineering and architecture, and he was recently quoted in an interview and talked about the ‘misunderstanding’ about iPhone users and how they might have to rely on other app stores to get some apps that aren’t available on the App Store.

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“The reality of what the alternative distribution requirements enable is that software that users in Europe need to use – sometimes business software, other times personal software, social software, things that they want to use – may only be available outside of the store, alternatively distributed,” Krstic was quoted saying here.

What he means is that if Apple opens iOS to other app stores, the developers would then prefer to distribute their apps through other app stores or websites, something we have seen Epic Games do for Fortnite on Android.

He talks about the security concerns and how the company would be worried about these third-party systems which might not be as secure at its App Store. While that’s a fair point, the hidden agenda could also suggest the company is worried about losing its developer commission which goes up to 30 percent for hosting apps on the App Store and downloaded by millions of iPhone users.

The double talk has even made Google speak on the matter. Pichai was recently quoted warning people about sideloading apps and how the company doesn’t vouch for such actions which could be dangerous for the users with possible malware infection or other malpractice. Either way, Apple has to comply with the EU rules which suggests the company might restrict the sideloading support to iPhone users in the region.

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    first published: November 21, 2023, 07:30 IST

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