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Apple started the rollout of the new Apple Maps experience, which includes the company’s own maps (not provided by a third party) with an incredible level of detail, better navigation, and high-resolution images, a few years ago.

Apple keeps working on the Apple Maps expansion
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The iPhone maker gradually expands the availability of its Google Maps rival to more regions as it completes surveying them, bringing the upgraded service to more users at a rather slow pace.

Unfortunately, this slow pace has pushed many users tired of waiting for an updated Apple Maps experience to alternative products, but the good news is that Apple keeps working on bringing the new maps to more regions across the world.

Brazilian users are now getting a mix of good and bad news.

The good news is that Apple has just started surveying the country, meaning that the company has sent its Subarus to the region to capture images that would then be used on Apple Maps. The process kicked off this week, so if you notice a white Subaru sporting the Apple Maps logo, chances are you might appear on Look Around.

The bad news is that surveying Brazil is a lengthy process, so you’d better not hold your breath for the new maps to make their way to Apple Maps. Sao Paulo alone requires eight months to be completely surveyed, and Apple says the process will be finished on August 15, 2025, for the entire country. The company typically needs a year to process the collected data and release the new maps, so the upgraded Apple Maps experience could go live in Brazil in 2026 at the earliest.

It’s the first time Apple surveyed Brazil, and this step suggests the company is ready to expand to South America, with countries like Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia likely to be in the queue for image collection.

Apple has remained tight-lipped on its plans so far, with the Apple Maps expansion currently focused on European countries.

Meanwhile, the Cupertino-based tech giant also works on other sides of Apple Maps. Most recently, the company updated the service with new EV capabilities and offline map support. The features are part of the iOS 17 update released in September and are available for the iPhone XS and newer.

The offline map integration allows users to navigate to a destination without an Internet connection. Users must download the maps when an Internet connection is still up and running, with Apple Maps to continue offering guidance even in spotty regions or remote areas. The offline map integration was one of the top feature requests, with users also expecting Apple to add satellite navigation in a coming update.

Apple has not commented on its plans for new features in Apple Maps, but we’ll probably have to wait until iOS 18 for such updates.


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