Bank of Karma

The loop of destiny and karma binds everyone. You remain entangled and imprisoned in it. The only way you can nullify it is by sustained, regular, intelligent movement, inward and upward. It is purushartha or free will that matters. It helps free you of the cycle of vasana-thought-desire-action-vasana. Irrespective of your past, if you perform constant, consistent, persistent, positive action, you wipe out the past negativity and sculpt a brilliant future.

A man from a remote tribal village sees Person A withdraw cash from a bank and notices he still has a healthy balance in his account. He observes Person B deposit money but is still in the red. He thinks A is lucky and B is unlucky! He does not understand banking, so he attributes it to fate. The truth is that Person A has deposited money in his bank account in the past while Person B already owes money to the bank. If Person B, who is in debt, constantly puts in money, over time, he will be able to make good the deficit and have a surplus.

This is simple. However, in the case of the Bank of Karma, there is no way of knowing what your past debits and credits are. You can only put in positive actions that will wipe out any debits that may be there and build a fantastic future for yourself.


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