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With the market bubbling, investors are back on the hunt to find the top ICO projects capable of delivering outsized returns to early investors who take the risk and get positioned as early adopters.ICOs, or initial coin offerings, are crowdfunding projects used to help generate hype and raise capital. They present an opportunity for investors to get positioned early in a token before it launches for trading on exchanges, allowing them to reap the benefits if the project sees success by getting in early.

However, considering there are thousands of ICOs a month, it’s incredibly cumbersome to find the right project ideally suited for you to get positioned early. With most ICOs becoming scams, it pays to do your homework and research the project, its team, utility, and marketing strategy before diving into investing.

If you’re short on time, we’ve found five of the most promising ICOs to invest in today.

Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20)
Dogecoin20 is one of the hottest new ICOs to add to your portfolio as investors quickly tout the upgraded Dogecoin as the next potential meme coin sensation.

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The dog-based Dogecoin alternative offers an environmentally friendly proof-of-stake algorithm and passive income through its unique staking mechanism.
The staking ecosystem rewards those supporting the network, with those staking more $DOGE20 earning a higher percentage of the rewards.
Best of all, Dogecoin20 has a maximum of 140 billion $DOGE20 supply, which answers Dogecoin’s ultimate inflation problem.
With 25% allocated for marketing, $DOGE20 has the potential to thrive through the 2024 bull run with an expertly curated post-launch marketing strategy.$DOGE20 can be purchased on presale using $ETH, $USDT, $BNB, or a credit/debit card.

Buy $DOGE20 today.

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC)
Green Bitcoin is currently running an ICO drop for its $GBTC token, which allows users to earn massive rewards for accurately predicting the price of Bitcoin. The project is reviving the predict-to-earn sector through its gamified green staking ecosystem, allowing users to place forecasts and earn rewards relative to their level of investment.

Gamified green staking requires users to lock $GBTC into a smart contract, allowing them to place price forecasts. Users who make accurate predictions earn rewards from the daily rewards pool, with those who stake larger amounts of $GBTC for longer periods earning additional bonuses. The team has set aside 27% of the supply to provide rewards for the next two years, making this a long-term rewards project.

Investors believe $GBTC presents a unique opportunity. Following its launch, it might experience a supply shortage, as most $GBTC will potentially be locked into the gamified green staking system and unavailable to be bought on exchanges. As a result, newcomers will likely have to pay much higher prices to participate in the predict-to-earn ecosystem after the presale.

Green Bitcoin can be bought on ICO using $ETH, $USDT, or a credit/debit card.

Buy $GBTC today.

eTukTuk ($TUK)
eTukTuk is a newly emerging sustainable transport project currently hosting an ICO. It seeks to resolve the lack of electric vehicles entering the developing world for a brighter future.

Described as the most important sustainability project for the developing world this decade, eTukTuk is introducing affordable EV solutions to developing economies, helping them make the revolutionary switch to sustainable transport.

The project will start with its groundbreaking eTukTuk, a three-wheeler EV designed to replace the tuk-tuk, one of the most popular carbon-polluting vehicles in the developing world. The vehicle is safer and more reliable than traditional tuk-tuks, and it plans to release its first fleet of eTukTuks in Sri Lanka in 2024.

In addition, eTukTuk will launch a charging infrastructure, which rewards $TUK holders as drivers charge their vehicles, making this one of the best ICO drops to add to your portfolio for 2024.

The $TUK token can be purchased on the project’s website using $ETH, $USDT, and other payment methods.

Buy $TUK today.

Sponge Token ($SPONGE)
Sponge Token ($SPONGE) was one of the hottest meme coins in May 2023 and is making a comeback with its V2 upgrade, which is expected to be bigger and better than ever.

Sponge Token is a unique ICO drop as it’s not hosting a traditional ICO. Instead, Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) is hosting a novel ICO through a stake-to-bridge utility, allowing users to stake V1 $SPONGE to receive an equivalent amount of V2 $SPONGE.

To help the V2 launch, all V1 $SPONGE deposited in the bridge will be permanently locked, and all liquidity will be transferred to the new pool.

With almost $30 million deposited into the stake-to-bridge utility, investors are clearly excited about the upcoming ICO drop.

If you don’t own $SPONGE V1, you can purchase it through the project’s website, which will be automatically bridged.

Buy $SPONGE today.

Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY)
Scotty the AI is being touted as one of the top ICO drops to add to your portfolio. It combines artificial intelligence with meme coins, creating a powerhouse of a project capable of trending in the bull run.

$SCOTTY is centered around an AI integration capable of bringing unique utility to its community, providing it with significant value. The project seeks to redefine how security, fraud detection, and risk mitigation are perceived in the crypto industry through its AI-powered products.

One of its products, Scotty Swap, allows users to experience seamless token swaps optimised for maximum gains through its AI integration. Another, Scotty Chat, provides users with deep insight into bubbling crypto trends, allowing them to understand the market before other investors.

Scotty the AI is based on the fiercely loyal and highly intelligent Scottish Terrier dog breed, which is fitting considering Scotty the AI is serving its community and is powered by AI.

Overall, Scotty the AI is an ICO drop you should add to your portfolio ahead of the 2024 bull run. The token can be purchased through its ICO on the project’s website.

Buy $SCOTTY today.

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