Bhang for the buck, make it a Holi drink

Bhang, that happy concoction of cannabis plant paste or shavings and milk, has been a staple of Holi celebrations for ages, serving as liquid courage behind many a joyful jig and gulaal-in-the-air joy during every ‘Rang barse’ this time of the year. If Christmas can have mulled wine as its trademark merriment F&B, maybe it’s high time marketers market this happy seasonal additive infused with lassi and thandai. We can already see a whole range of bhang products for not just Holi but also for Shivratri… or any other public or private festival.

With its blend of relaxation and euphoria, tradition and modernity, bhang needs to move out of its zone of being looked down upon in uppity society as downmarket, and be treated as a Holi-branded uppity beverage. Many rightly see it as the spice that adds flavour to festivities, while hrrmph folks view it as a recipe for disaster – even as whisky on the rocks is seen as standard celebratory fare. While people will rattle off cautionary tales of excess with bhang, let us not forget that in moderation, the allure of bhang-infused merriment is undeniable. What is required is to make Holi Bhang – HB, if you will – become as acceptable (read: marketable) as J&B. So, this Holi, let us embrace tradition with a wink and a nod, and bring good old bhang into the shopfronts where it becomes good new bhang.


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