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The crypto prices today maintained their bull run, marking significant gains across major assets. Fueled by the buzz around the Bitcoin Spot ETF and dovish central bank comments, investors embraced riskier assets, propelling cryptocurrencies to unprecedented highs.

In addition, the positive momentum, coupled with the anticipation of a potential rally after Bitcoin Halving next year, further contributed to the soaring values.

Bitcoin spearheaded the bullish wave, nearing a new peak unseen in over a year. Notably, Bitcoin, crossing the $44,000 mark this week and approaching $45,000, reflects robust market sentiment. As of now, the Bitcoin price surged 1.64% in the last 24 hours, standing at $44,225.27, while its trading volume fell 15.99% to $23.80 billion.

However, the Ethereum price was near the flatline, noting slump of 0.40% and trading at $2,365.41. Its trading volume experienced a significant decrease of 27.12% to $11.48 billion. In contrast, the XRP price added 5.75%, reaching $0.6866, with its trading volume soaring by 14.19% in the last 24 hours, settling at $2.05 billion.

Among other crypto prices, the Solana price witnessed a notable uptick, rising by 3.21% to $74.21 as of writing. It has also reached its yearly high of $75.27 over the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the positive sentiment also rippled through meme coins on December 9. Notably, the Dogecoin price registered 7% rise, hitting $0.1034, even as its trading volume dipped by 5.54% to $1.08 billion. Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu price saw a 4.83% surge, reaching $0.00001038, erasing one zero from its price and marking a historic moment for the meme coin.

The recent upswing catapulted the global crypto market cap by 2.07%, reaching an impressive $1.65 trillion. However, despite this surge, caution prevails as the fear and greed index stands at 82, signaling an “extreme greed” scenario. Meanwhile, investors are urged to exercise vigilance, recognizing the evolving dynamics of the crypto landscape. As the market continues its evolution, a balanced approach is crucial for navigating the waves of extreme greed and market dynamics.

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The Top 4 Cryptos For Today Are

Pepe Coin Rises 1%

The popular meme crypto, Pepe Coin has stayed in the green mostly over the week, suggesting strong confidence of the investors towards the crypto. Meanwhile, the Pepe Coin price surged 1.24% as of writing and traded at $0.000001547, while its trading volume from yesterday fell 24.61% to $155.52 million. Over the last seven days, it added over 40% to its price.

Pepe Coin Chart

Cardano (ADA) Soars 28%

The Cardano (ADA) crypto gained notable traction from the crypto market enthusiasts on December 9, with its recent rally. Meanwhile, the Cardano price advanced 27.75% to $0.5961 as of writing on Saturday, while its trading volume skyrocketed 277.61% to $2.10 billion. Meanwhile, the current price also marked yearly high for the ADA crypto.

Cardano (ADA) Crypto Chart

BitTorrent (New) (BTT) Advances 23%

The BitTorrent crypto was among the top percentage movers on December 9, gaining attention from investors. Meanwhile, the BitTorrent price soared 22.99% to $0.000001029 as of writing, with its trading volume rocketing 104% to $227.35 million. Over the last seven days, the BTT price has added nearly 120%.

BTT Crypto Chart

Polkadot (DOT) Adds 19%

The Polkadot crypto was another top percentage gainer on Saturday, reflecting the bullish sentiment noted in the major crypto prices today. Meanwhile, as of writing, the Polkadot price increased by 18.96% and traded at $7.48, while its trading volume rose 119.01% to $639.64 million. Notably, the crypto has added about 37% over the week.

Polkadot (DOT) Chart

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