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‘Boruto: Two Blue Vortex’: See newly leaked cover of manga series

The upcoming release of ‘Boruto: Two Blue Vortex’ on August 20, 2023, brought a leaked manga cover to light. A prominent manga source on Twitter, @Abdul_S17, revealed the cover of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine for October, featuring ‘Boruto: Two Blue Vortex’ manga. This unveiling granted fans a glimpse of Boruto‘s new appearance after the time-skip in the manga storyline.

In the previous manga chapter, Sarada persuaded her father to assist Boruto. Despite Eida’s influence, Sasuke aided Boruto’s escape from the Hidden Leaf Village. Determined, Boruto chose to confront Kawaki rather than surrender.

With a 10-day wait before Boruto manga resumed, the Twitter leaker’s post drew attention. Shueisha’s V Jump October cover showcased ‘Boruto: Two Blue Vortex’ manga, granting fans their first view of the protagonist’s post-time-skip character design.

Though the anime and manga had hinted at the transformation, this marked the initial in-depth reveal. Key modifications included the replacement of the white vest with a long-sleeved shirt, a redesigned jacket, and a cloak resembling Sasuke Uchiha’s. Additional details emerged with belts and bracelets, contributing to the ensemble. The design further incorporated symbols of the Uzumaki Clan, Hidden Leaf Village, a sun and Boruto’s former jacket.

Fans warmly received the new character appearance, appreciating its distinctive qualities. The updated design transformed Boruto from a child to a mature character, addressing past criticisms of the series as being overly child-oriented. The outfit garnered particular praise for its thoughtful execution. Ikemoto, the manga artist, received newfound admiration for the Boruto -Two Blue Vortex- cover.


What did the leaked Boruto manga cover reveal?
The leaked cover unveiled Boruto’s post-time-skip design, showcasing a new outfit and details not seen before.How did fans react to Boruto’s updated appearance?
Fans appreciated the grown-up look, praising the character’s depth, attire, and the artist’s improved design, marking a shift from previous criticisms.

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