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British Gas will pay you to drive an electric car in new scheme

British Gas is paying customers to drive electric cars in a new scheme which give instant money back to people charging EVs.

The energy giant says its electric vehicle tariff is the best on the market, offering ‘super cheap’ electricity to charge an EV at certain times.

As the ban on new petrol and diesel cars looms on the horizon in the next decade – either in 2030 or 2035 depending on which party wins the next election – more and more households are turning to hybrid or fully electric cars to get around.

And now households are being offered free electric car charging for a year as well as a credit on their EV charges in a market-beating British Gas offer with its Electric Driver Tariff.

British Gas told customers: “If you’re yet to buy an EV charger, our market-leading FreeCharge offers 12 months of free home3 charging when you buy a Hive EV charger and get your electricity from us.

“With SmartCharge, you could get a 4p/kWh credit saving on all your EV charging with Hive SmartCharge.2 Combine this with our Electric Driver tariff, and you could be paying an equivalent of just 3.9p/kWh if you plug in overnight between 12am – 5am.”

That’s an absurdly low price given that the price cap is currently about 22p/kWh for electricity and makes charging your car very cheap.

At these prices, you could charge a Tesla Model 3 for £2.34, a saving of more than £30 on the normal tariff prices and £39 cheaper than filling up a petrol car on current average prices.

The catch is you have to charge between midnight and 5am. But if you can set a timer or stay up to switch it on, you’ll reap big savings.


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