Build a Stock Earnings Calendar of your Favorite Stocks in Python – DataDrivenInvestor

A Streamlit App to Display a Calendar with Month, Week, Day, List View of Stock Earnings of Your Favorite Tickers

If you own a portfolio of stocks (or a watchlist), you will likely be interested in their future earnings releases dates. While it is not difficult to Google for the earnings releases for them, doing it for each of your favorite stocks and recording it down is likely going to be tedious.

Even if you find a consolidated view of earnings dates in a calendar, such as the one from Earnings Whispers below (which I myself use very often), you may still find it distracting and hard to isolate the companies that you are interested in.

Hang on, let me slowly look for my favorite stocks in this picture

Wouldn’t it be great to have a consolidated calendar of earnings, only for YOUR own selected stocks of interest? That’s exactly what we will build today.

I have written a Streamlit Stock Earnings Calendar app (deployed here), and will be sharing how I did it, step by step. All you need to do in the app is to key in the ticker symbols of your favorite stocks (e.g. “AAPL, GOOG, META”), and the app shows the earnings dates of these stocks in Monthly Grid View, Weekly View, Daily View and List View, whichever your prefer!

Here are the screenshots of some of the different views as described.

Monthly Grid View


Weekly View

Calendar Weekly View

List View

Calendar List View


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