Chilton County Sheriff's Office gets nine new AEDs for their patrol cars – WBRC

CHILTON COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) – Chilton County sheriff’s deputies will now have new life-saving equipment in their patrol cars.

Sheriff John Shearon said the new AEDs will improve their response to medical emergencies.

Thanks to a $10,000 grant, the sheriff’s office has nine new AEDs that will sit in these sheriff deputies’ vehicles.

Sheriff Sheron said this gives you another lifesaving alternative if fire and EMS can’t respond.

The sheriff’s office received the devices a couple of weeks ago and since then have been training deputies on how to use them.

“They have already been used by one of our sergeants in the city of Clanton. They brought somebody back to life using it. Unfortunately they later passed away, but they were able to bring them back which was a plus,” Shearon said.

Sheriff Shearon said this is a game changer for the sheriff’s office.

“If they are in a cardiac arrest situation, they can pull these things out and use them and hopefully save someone’s life – that’s the main thing,” Shearon said.

Which in the end will help them enhance community safety.

“Our volunteer fire departments, you know they do what they can, but they also have full time jobs as well so sometimes you may not have somebody to respond, but this gives them another option if no one responds they can do it themselves,” Shearon said.

The sheriff’s office plans to apply for another grant to get more AEDs to house inside the courthouse and deputy vehicles.

“They are quite expensive, but you know you cant but a price on somebody’s life,” Shearon said.

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