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Stellantis brand Chrysler has teased an innovative new EV concept which is set for an unveiling on February 13th.

Key Takeaways

  • Chrysler teases an upcoming electric concept car as part of its commitment to an all-electric lineup by 2028.
  • The first teaser image reveals little about the design, but hints at a potential direction for electric Chryslers.
  • The Airflow concept was Chrysler’s first electric car, and the first all-electric production Chrysler is expected to arrive in 2025.



Automotive giant Chrysler is preparing to unveil what it calls an “innovative electric concept car.” The Stellantis manufacturer has released the first of three teaser images previewing the new electric car which launches on February 13th. It plans on releasing the remaining teaser images in the run-up to that date, as the manufacturer targets an all-electric lineup come 2028.


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Chrysler Reveals Little In The First Teaser Image

Chrysler’s Upcoming Electric Future

  • The new 2024 concept previews a potential direction for electric Chryslers
  • Chrysler’s first electric car was the 2022 Airflow concept
  • The first all-electric production Chrysler is due to arrive in 2025
  • Chrysler is committing to having an all-electric lineup by 2025

The first teaser from Chrysler reveals very little about the new car. What we can see looks like the front of the new car, viewed from above. The design sees the concept car widen as we get closer to the front, with an interesting bulge in the center of the body. Chrysler says that the images will “provide an advance look at one potential path of the brand’s all-electric future” with the first all-electric Chrysler due in 2025.


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The Airflow Concept Was Chrysler’s First Electric Car

Chrysler has revealed nothing more than the image of the concept so far. We are yet to find out the name of the new car, or what electric architecture it will take up. The first electric Chrysler was the Airflow concept, and it said in 2023 that its first production EV would be a modern upgrade on the crossover concept.

Stellantis-owned brands are slowly gravitating to electric power, including Dodge which recently showed off the pre-production version of the 2025 Charger Daytona SRT, the first all-electric muscle car following the demise of the internal combustion Challenger and Charger.

Source: Chrysler/Stellantis


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