Classic car drivers in luck as massive ‘loophole’ means they can escape £12.50 daily charge

BRITS who’ve become tired of being forced to pay a pesky £12.50 per day ULEZ fee have found a sneaky loophole that allows them to dodge the charge.

The loophole forces Brits to splash on a particular type of car, but it could work out cheaper in the long run.

Drivers can avoid paying the ULEZ fees by driving a car that's at least 40 years old


Drivers can avoid paying the ULEZ fees by driving a car that’s at least 40 years oldCredit: Getty

The nifty trick was revealed by Heritage Classic Car Insurance, who noticed an increase in motorists buying old cars.

The reason is because of the laws surrounding the ULEZ fees, which are void when driving a motor that’s over forty years old –  prompting Brits to cop classic cars, reports the Express.

Current laws see owners of petrol cars made before 2005, and diesels made before 2015 pay £12.50 a day to cruise around the capital – the last things they need during a cost of living crisis.

One Heritage Insurance customer – Mr Williams – told the outlet that whipping around in a 1960s Morris Minor instead of a modern four-wheeled family motor allows him to avoid pesky ULEZ fees.

What are the ULEZ rules?

Only modern, efficient cars are allowed to drive in ULEZ areas without incurring a £12.50 charge.

Motorists must pay if using older vehicles including cars, motorcycles, vans and specialist vehicles and minibuses up to a certain weight.

London’s mayor Sadiq Khan say the measures are necessary to help cut pollution levels in the capital, by deterring people from using older cars more likely to be damaging to the environment.

Vehicles must meet Euro emissions standards to avoid a fee.

These set limits on eco-unfriendly nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from engines.

Petrol vehicles must meet Euro 4 emission standards introduced in 2006 while diesels will have to abide more more stringent Euro 6 standards which came into force later, in 2015.

Motorcycles have to meet Euro 3 emissions standards from 2007.

Vehicles registered before each of these years may not be compliant.

Vehicles which are more than 40 years old can be added to the historic vehicle tax class, making them exampt from vehicle tax or ULEZ charges.

All vehicles made before January 1 1973 are exempt.

All fully electric vehicles will also not be charged and most hybrids aren’t, though owners of some older models such as the original Toyota Prius will have to pay.

He said: “I wanted to visit two friends last month, they live on the border of Essex, London.

“To go there in my 10-year-old car would have incurred charges, though it produced so little pollution – the annual road tax is just £20.”

So instead he jumped in a 1968 Morris Minor van and saved a bucket-load for his trouble.

As far as the Government’s guidance says, any motor that’s reached the ripe old age of 40 is classed as a “historic motor”, which means they do not have to pay ULEZ fees or road tax.

As well as that, they also don’t have to get an annual MOT, instead they just have to ensure that the historic car is in a roadworthy state. 

Managing director of Heritage Car Insurance, Mark Wilkinson, said that classic cars – as opposed to modern motors – usually hold their value or increase. 

London’s ULEZ camera-blocking dinosaurs who won’t stop until hated scheme is scrapped

He explained that the classic car market is “undergoing a transformation” while ULEZ measures “pose a significant financial hurdle” for non-compliant motors.

He said: “In light of these developments, car enthusiasts should perhaps consider investing in older classic cars that meet emissions standards and qualify for historic car status. These vehicles not only offer the enjoyment of classic motoring but also the potential for appreciation in value.”


This fuming motorist complained about being slapped with a £90 ULEZ fine despite her car being compliant – and has warned others to avoid being caught out.

Johanna Noble, Money Editor at The Times, thought she would be exempt from the new ULEZ charges London‘s mayor Sadiq Khan has imposed across the capital.

Elsewhere, thousands of drivers were able to avoid receiving ULEZ fines last year because their details couldn’t be found in the database.

Transport for London have revealed that more than 400,000 motorists swerved the much-hated ultra-low emission zone penalties because they simply couldn’t find their details.

Customer Mr Williams said he opted to cruise in a 1960s Morris Minor to avoid the fees


Customer Mr Williams said he opted to cruise in a 1960s Morris Minor to avoid the feesCredit: Getty


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