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Consider These 5 Bathroom Trends For 2024

Consider These 5 Bathroom Trends For 2024

Bathrooms have moved away from a functional place in the home to an area that needs to be showcased and redesigned. In 2024, bathroom trends are attempting to make this zone all about tranquillity, wellness, and health. Of course, purpose is not to be forgotten in the bathroom, but it’s all about maximising this room to its full potential.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your bathroom or just want a few new additions, then consider some of the following design trends that will improve your home straight away.

Remove Oversized Bathtubs

Homeowners are becoming decidedly less and less captivated by the idea of a bathtub. Space is usually at a premium in bathrooms, and there’s no point in keeping a bathtub that occasionally gets used, or worse, never used at all. After removing a bathtub, this area can be harnessed for extra storage space or even a walk-in shower.

Go for Matte Black Fixtures

Chrome has had its day, and intriguing finishes like copper or matte black are the new favourites. Not just better for cleaning, as stains and fingerprints are instantly noticeable on chrome fixtures, but matte black simply has more of a statement. From the showerhead to basin taps, look at the contemporary options online and find one that fits your home.

Quirky Wallpaper Patterns

While there’s nothing wrong with a classic white paint for your bathroom walls, it just feels all too… predictable. Homeowners are desiring some more fun and whimsy in their bathroom, as it’s the one part of the house where you can really let loose with design.

Wallpaper has started to become fashionable yet again, so now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon. A simple yet effective method to brighten up your bathroom is by putting up wallpaper. Bathroom wallpaper is the perfect final flourish to quickly change what may be a bland and functional area.

You can select graphic wallpaper, an understated pattern to add depth, or even complete each part of the wall with a strong and colourful design. Be sure to look at these wallpapered bathroom ideas, which will hopefully inspire you to do something inspiring.

Create a Shower Niche

If you find that your shower floor is starting to be overrun with bottles of shampoo, soap bars, and all sorts of washing items, then it’s time to do something about it. Metal or plastic shower caddies are all well and good, but they can start to rust or deteriorate over time. Plus, these can be congested and start to look ugly soon enough.

A nice idea is to install a shower niche. This is basically a small section of the wall that has been cut out to form a storage area. It’s part of the tiling, so it won’t look out of place, but it provides just enough space to store bottles and soap bars, so that everything looks much neater.

Opt for a Wooden Vanity

Natural materials are going to be big in 2024, and there’s nothing quite like bringing in a wooden vanity to act as a statement design piece, while also providing much-needed storage. Your bathroom countertop looks unpleasant when crowded with jars, bottles, razors, and so on, which is why a wooden bathroom vanity is ideal because it helps to hide clutter.

The Bottom Line

These suggestions are all meant to improve your bathroom as not just a functional place, but also to become a haven for relaxation. You’ll soon discover that you actually enjoy spending time in the bathroom once you’ve tailor-made it to your personal requirements.

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