Crypto moguls donate $2 million to Trump as campaign embraces digital currency – Just The News

Cryptocurrency moguls Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss announced this week that they had donated $1 million each in Bitcoin to the Trump campaign.

The campaign in late May announced that it would begin accepting donations in cryptocurrency, asserting that “[a]s our President, Donald J. Trump has reduced regulations and championed innovation in financial technology, while Democrats, like Biden and his official surrogate Elizabeth Warren, continue to believe only government has the answers to how our nation leads the world.”

In explaining his donation, Tyler Winklevoss asserted that “[o]ver the past few years, the Biden Administration has openly declared war against crypto” and that “[t]his Administration’s actions have been nothing short of an unprecedented abuse of power wielded entirely for twisted political gain at the complete expense of innovation, the American taxpayer, and the American economy.”

“Here’s the TL;DR — President Trump is: Pro-Bitcoin Pro-Crypto Pro-Business And he will put an end to the Biden Administration’s war on crypto. Onward!” posted Cameron Winklevoss.

Trump has increasingly embraced cryptocurrency throughout the 2024 campaign and has vowed to fight efforts to establish a central bank digital currency.

“We’re going to stop it. I will ensure that the future of crypto and the future of Bitcoin will be made in the USA, not driven overseas,” he said at the Libertarian National Convention last month.


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