Crypto Trader Says Dogecoin (DOGE) is About to Rip: Pepe (PEPE) Bulls are Taking Profit to Accumulate New Viral Altcoin – Analytics Insight

The meme coin market is presenting a good opportunity to score significant ROI in the coming weeks, thanks to the bullish momentum of notable top meme coins in the industry. For instance, a crypto analyst is projecting a surging uptrend trajectory for Dogecoin (DOGE).

Meanwhile, investors are utilizing the profits accrued in the wake of the rallying price trajectory of Pepe (PEPE) in the past weeks to diversify their portfolio through investing in a growing crypto gem called (RBLK).

Dogecoin’s Price Sets for Significant Rally, According to Analysts

A significant number of crypto analysts are overseeing an imminent price surge for Dogecoin (DOGE) in the coming weeks. A top crypto analyst, believes Dogecoin’s price could reach the $1 mark in the upcoming run.

A look into Dogecoin’s market trajectory shows that the token is undergoing a decline. However, with the uptrend of Dogecoin’s trading volume, investors are confident of a potential price surge. All that is needed for a rally is a market catalyst, which could either be a whale investment on the meme coin or a notable bullish wave across the meme coin market.

Investors Record Notable ROI from Pepe’s Recent Price Rally 

Over the past month, traders who invested in the Pepe (PEPE) token have recorded significant ROIs. For context, Pepe’s price gained over 75% within the past month while setting a new record in the process. Also, Pepe’s price since February has gained over 500% in value, making it one of the top meme coins to record significant gains in recent months.

This shows that traders who invested in the Pepe token at the beginning of February have gained over 500% in ROI. As a result, notable beneficiaries of Pepe’s uptrend are diversifying their profit in altcoin gems like Rollblock for more potential gains.

Rollblock Sets for 300% Price Gain by June 

The Rollblock presale is churning high numbers as more investors add the token to their portfolios. So far, investors have bought over 30 million RBLK tokens over the first two stages of the presale. Notably, the token has already generated up to 20% ROI for early investors.

Moreover, the project is geared toward recording a 300% growth by June, making the token a good crypto to buy. Meanwhile, the Rollblock revenue-sharing model is one of the best in the market. It means that the platform uses up to 30% of the weekly income generated to buy back tokens from the market. Next, 50% of the buyback tokens are burned while the rest is used for staking rewards. Analysts believe this could amount to millions of dollars of RBLK being purchased each month, which would make the token one of the most deflationary assets on the market.

Meanwhile, the Rollblock platform has provided a blueprint for enhancing the casino experience through the integration of blockchain technology. For instance, Rollblock negates the need for KYC verification before registering on the platform, as it provides standard anonymity features. Also, Rollblock is designed to prioritize secure and private transactions while providing easy access to the platform.

Notably, the Rollblock casino ecosystem is fully licensed and operational. It complies with legal standards, allowing it to expand its reach across countries on the globe. Overall, Rollblock represents a community-driven casino project that integrates blockchain technology to enhance the overall gaming experience and profit-making for members.

Which of the Three Altcoins Should You Invest in Now?

The adoption of the DOGE token as a means of payment has risen in recent times. However, that is yet to have a major positive effect on the token. Meanwhile, analysts believe that Pepe is reaching its peak with the new price record. As such, the token might not trigger much rally in the coming weeks. However, Rollblock might be the best option. The new community-backed crypto casino is set to revolutionize the gambling industry with analysts projecting 50x when listed in CEX exchanges in the coming weeks.

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