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Crypto Whale Feasts On ICO, Buying $13010 Worth Of Mollars Presale Tokens – BeInCrypto

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In late December, there were more crypto shrimps feasting than larger investors from the crypto hierarchy. That trend has changed now however as the ‘top 5 single transaction buyers list’ from Mollars token presale keeps getting updated with bigger buys.

And while some 1-time purchases have been as big as $16,000, there’s now DCA-investors who are making multiple purchases, totalling close to the ‘top buyers.’ The closest to it is a crypto whale who appears to be ‘dollar cost averaging,’ just bought $13,010 worth of the store-of-value token currently in ICO stage.

The purchase was done with Ethereum (ETH) tokens according to the Initial Coin Offering’s presale wallet address. The massive sum was done over 5 transactions from a single wallet address (view here): LIkely a burner wallet, as many smart crypto investors do, the $13,010 play  suggests this investor has heavy digital pockets.

The five transactions were completed over a span of nearly 2 days. A discreet move, it’s obvious that the crypto whale has insights that have spawned supreme faith in the Mollars, store-of-value token project.

Crypto Whale Activity By Day

The first two transactions were for 1.06 ETH each on February 7th. The two purchases (1, 2) were done 2 hours apart from each other, with the last being around 1:58PM (UTC). These two Mollars token presale buys were for around $2,634 each.

The third transaction  was for 2.5 ETH. It was also on Wednesday, nearly 3 hours after the second buy or around 4:52PM (UTC). This transaction secured the investor $6,214.03 worth of Mollars tokens.

The fourth transaction by this crypto whale was for a smaller amount, 0.45 Ethereum (ETH). Though it may appear meager, being only a fraction of an Ethereum, the actual dollar amount is still in the thousand range. The 45 ETH purchase had a value of $1,119.17 (view txn).

The fifth and final transaction by this crypto whale was done yesterday at 10:37AM (UTC). It was for the amount of 0.163223 ETH or $406 (USD).

How many tokens were purchased?

The grand total of all five token presale purchases was $13,010  The healthy amount was enough for the crypto whale to acquire 26,020 Mollars tokens in this 4th round of the token presale.

To date, the ICO has amassed over half-a-million dollars in its fundraising campaign. The new SOV cryptocurrency will be based on the Ethereum-Blockchain. A swelling demand has generated over 1.4-Million token presales.

The Mollars presale will end in May 2024 or when it reaches the max hard cap of 4-million tokens sold. The latter is expected based on daily sales averages of January.


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