Cutting-edge Security Tech: Launch of EMUN APP by Moked EMUN – The Jerusalem Post

A groundbreaking advancement in Israeli security emerges as Moked EMUN unveils EMUN APP, marking a significant leap in safeguarding networks and businesses. The culmination of two years’ intensive development and an investment exceeding half a million NIS, this innovation promises unparalleled peace of mind.

Lilach Sweid, CEO of Moken EMUN and Technologies, asserts, “We epitomize high-tech within Mken EMUN. Through rigorous R&D, exhaustive market analysis, and substantial financial backing, we’re proud to introduce Israel’s next-gen security solution”.

Initially offered free to clients, EMUN APP empowers users to seamlessly manage intricate security systems. “Our aim is to enhance our customers’ ability to navigate complex security landscapes”, Sweid explains.

Vice President of Marketing, Ofir Elboim, elaborates on EMUN APP’s capabilities, emphasizing its real-time alert responsiveness and comprehensive data analysis features. “It provides unparalleled situational awareness, enabling swift, informed responses”, Elboim states.

Key Features of EMUN APP:

  • Real-time alerts and response monitoring
  • Detection of abnormal activities
  • Centralized real-time data display
  • Advanced filtering and mapping
  • Management tools for schedules, contacts, and documents
  • Service call rule details
  • Efficient report exporting

Future updates promise additional advanced functionalities.

Elboim underscores the paramount importance of security, highlighting stringent measures to fortify EMUN APP against potential breaches. “Our rigorous security protocols, including two-step verification, data encryption, and adherence to privacy regulations, ensure user safety”, he assures.

As threats evolve, EMUN APP stands as a stalwart defender, embodying Moked EMUN’s commitment to pioneering security excellence.


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