Cyera Launches Cloud-Native Data Security Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace – BNN Breaking

In a significant move geared towards enhancing data security in cloud environments, Cyera, a leading company in cloud-native data security, has made its platform available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This strategic integration comes as a response to the rising adoption of cloud services by enterprises and the mounting need to bolster the security of sensitive data against emerging cyber threats.

Cyera’s Platform: A Comprehensive Solution for Data Security

The Cyera platform offers robust features that allow businesses to discover, classify, and understand the context of sensitive data within Google Cloud’s infrastructure. It serves as a beacon for Google Cloud enterprise customers, illuminating the path to gain visibility and control over their data across a variety of services, such as Google Workspace, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery.

By dismantling data silos and offering a unified viewpoint, Cyera’s solution is a game-changer in the data security landscape. It enhances Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by ensuring that data is accurately labeled, thus bolstering the enforcement of DLP policies effectively.

Compliance and Encryption: Meeting GDPR Requirements

Cyera also aids in optimizing encryption policies by contextualizing data to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Its comprehensive approach to data security extends beyond simple protection, incorporating elements of compliance and encryption to provide a holistic solution for businesses.

Collaboration with Google Cloud: A Step Towards Digital Transformation

Cyera’s collaboration with Google Cloud is expected to enable customers to deploy and manage their data security platform effectively on Google’s expansive global infrastructure. This partnership is not just about security; it’s a catalyst, supporting the digital transformation journeys of enterprises.

Backed by prominent investors such as Sequoia, Accel, Cyberstarts, and Redpoint Ventures, Cyera is set on a path to redefine data security in the cloud, offering a solution that resonates with the demands of modern businesses navigating the digital landscape.


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