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Looking for hotels and shops on Google Maps is quite common, but when it comes to finding landmarks for the police in Delhi, the locals have you covered! Mind you, it’s not just any landmarks; it’s specifically for the police officers themselves, not the police stations. Why? Because Delhiites care a little too much for others, and they want you to see it as a warning sign before you unwittingly become a star in the next police officer’s traffic violation showdown. It’s a friendly gesture, you see and the internet seems eager to thank them for this unique “social service.”

This amusing revelation unfolded when a user shared screenshots of Google Maps displaying landmarks with the text “Yaha Police Wale Hote Hain” (Police Officers are Here), accompanied by a caption that humourously declared, “New innovation in Delhi NCR.” The post quickly went viral, leaving internet users in fits of laughter.

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Take a Look:

Comments poured in, praising the contributors who added these suggestions on Google Maps. One user remarked, “Haha… this is hilarious! Those who’ve added suggestions on Google Maps deserve a medal for their contribution to safeguarding.”

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Another chimed in, “One of the best innovations so far!” A third user exclaimed, “Brilliant Social service.”


Interestingly, others shared that this Desi tradition of quirky innovation extends to places like Bengaluru, Kerala, and many other Indian cities. “Tech bros have started writing the code in Indiranagar,” shared one user. Another confessed, “Me and my school friends was doing this in faridabad because we used drive scooty to tuitions without license back in 2017. Never knew other ppl are also doing this…hahah…”

Truly, Desis, with their ever-flowing fountain of innovation, keep the internet entertained with new Jugaads (creative hacks) every day, proving that where there’s creativity, there’s undoubtedly an Indian!

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    Nevertheless, amidst all this, Delhi stands out as a city that never experiences a dull day on the internet due to various bizarre occurrences, and continually fascinating users on social media. For instance, after the Delhi Police arrested three individuals and seized 187 kg of firecrackers from various locations in south and east Delhi, a picture surfaced featuring five policemen proudly posing with their seized firecrackers. The internet had a field day, cracking up for all the wrong reasons, deeming it a bit of an over-the-top celebration for what many considered a rather modest achievement.

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    first published: November 13, 2023, 11:05 IST

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