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A new project brewing on the Ethereum Blockchain has recently caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts not only for its ability to store value, but also for its enormous potential for compound growth post-ICO.

Mollars (MOLLARS), a new token currently on presale on the Ethereum Blockchain, is planning to enter the market on May 1st as the most cohesive and stable SoV on the ERC-20. In a platform with over 250 million users, the potential $MOLLARS has to become the blockchain’s go-to token when investors are looking to keep their assets in a safe and stable deflationary is what explains the underlying success of the funding events held at

So much so that even crypto whales, investors capable of moving large amounts of value and even influencing market sentiment, are also buying Mollars presale in bulk. Recent reports from LaPostExaminer confirm that today’s top holder owns over 34,000 $MOLLARS.

Other crypto communities like Shiba Inu and Tether are also joining the new project. But here is the underlying question: why communities as loyal as Shiba Inu’s would suddenly abandon the project in favor of a new token?

Molars Bitcoin Similarities

The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is also the world’s most famous digital store-of-value. Bitcoin is to this day considered crypto’s SoV due to its limited supply, market trust, and decentralized nature.

To be launched on a rival blockchain, Mollars also incorporates all of Bitcoin’s store of value (SoV) features, with the added advantage of being designed with a focus on today’s market demands.

While Bitcoin has a total maximum supply of 21 million tokens, Mollars will only ever mint 10 million tokens. In a space as wide as the crypto market where the norm is having tokens with billions, if not trillions of available tokens, Mollars distinguishes itself by adhering to a more conservative supply model, thereby fostering scarcity and potentially enhancing its value proposition.

The project was meticulously crafted with the vision of achieving zero ownership post-ICO, thereby embracing decentralization at its core. Through meticulous planning and execution, the project aimed to transcend traditional models, ensuring autonomy and resilience within its ecosystem. This commitment to decentralization underscores its mission to empower participants, fostering a community-driven approach where decisions are made collectively, transcending the limitations of centralized control.

Shiba Inu Investors Buying $MOLLARS

After enduring the last two years without seeing any profits, Shiba Inu holders are starting to let go of their SHIB investments and also joining Mollars’ presale.

Since its inception, the memecoin has been renowned for its loyalty and unwavering belief in the project. However, over time, the developers of the project have repeatedly given rise to significant mistrust.

Just recently, the project’s head Shytoshi Kusama, saw himself embroiled in drama after the tracking platform “ShibBurn” accused the developer of owning over $1 billion in SHIB. After spending years claiming that owning the currency would affect his abilities for decision-making, and make Shiba Inu less decentralized, this revelation sparked intense controversy within the community.

The state of the community is also not in great shape. 2023 was supposed to be the year of renewal for the project, banking on the success of Shibarium as a layer-2 blockchain. While it is true that Shibarium has garnered millions of transactions and was responsible for burning nearly $100,000 worth of SHIB, (more on that later), the platform has failed to provide a significant shift in Shiba Inu’s price trajectory.

Shiba Inu Investors Began Flocking to $GOLDEN Last Year

Last year, the SHIB community had already seen signs of abandoning the currency. On September, large amounts of holders opted to sell their assets in order to purchase a rising P2E memecoin “Golden Inu”.

At the time, this movement was responsible for the initial surge in the value of $GOLDEN, a trend that has gained over 340% in value, and still has no signs of exhaustion. Meanwhile, investors who chose to keep their SHIB have lost even more money in that same timeframe.

Mollars: The Answer to Shiba Inu’s Inflationary Issues

At the end of the day, every digital currency’s biggest enemy is inevitably inflation. Shiba Inu with a 590 trillion circulating supply, and nearly a quadrillion SHIB as total maximum supply—has inevitably fallen victim to it as well.

Inflation, as understood in economics, occurs when there is an increase in the money supply without a proportional increase in goods and services. With Shiba Inu’s massive token supply, there’s a significant risk of devaluing individual tokens over time due to dilution.

In 2023, the project burned over 76 billion SHIB tokens, but given its extremely vast supply, this amount is far from being able to affect the price value. As a result, the asset has fluctuated between $0.00000962 and $0.00001100 since early 2022.

On the other hand, Mollars presale buyers have little to fear regarding inflation. The development team anticipates that the $MOLLARS token will become deflationary over time, making it increasingly challenging for individuals to own a single token. This scarcity could potentially lead to a significant upward impact on its value.

Perhaps for this reason, longtime Shiba Inu investors have been migrating to $MOLLARS, expecting to finally see profits in the crypto market.

How Much Value Can Mollars Gain in 2024?

In two months, the presale success has already garnered nearly $800,000 in sales, and over 16% of the total maximum supply is already in the hands of investors. This tremendous success shows a sign of the future demand the token will have once it hits the markets.

As the unofficial Ethereum Blockchain store-of-value, Mollars has the potential to emerge as a widely accepted household currency, poised for significant growth in adoption and value. Also, once $MOLLARS enters new exchanges after ICO, the 10 million supply will see a drastic and rapid decrease, which will likely contribute to its deflationary nature, as the scarcity of available tokens increases, potentially driving up its value over time.

Over time, experts predict that Mollars tokens could reach a value of $100 each, suggesting that investors in the initial coin offering (ICO) should consider holding onto their tokens for an extended period. This strategy aims to capitalize on expected increases in value due to potential spikes in demand over time.

In response to the losses experienced by $SHIB holders, there’s a notable surge in interest in the Mollars token project. This newfound attention brings hope for a turnaround in portfolios, with the potential to reverse the losses incurred. Swapping $SHIB tokens for Mollars tokens today could yield a profit of over 24%, offering a substantial means to offset a significant portion of the losses accrued over the past year. Moreover, the widespread belief in continued demand for Mollars suggests the possibility of not only recuperating losses but also generating profits from $SHIB portfolios well before the end of 2024.



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