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WhatsApp has introduced a QR ticketing chatbot for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) commuters, offering a seamless way to book bus tickets in the Delhi NCR region. This innovative service enables ticket purchases directly via chat, marking a significant advancement in making public transport more accessible and efficient.

WhatsApp Launches QR Ticketing for DTC Buses in Delhi NCR

Key Highlights

  • WhatsApp’s QR ticketing service for DTC commuters in Delhi NCR simplifies the process of buying bus tickets.
  • Commuters can book tickets and make payments directly through a WhatsApp chatbot, supporting up to six tickets per transaction.
  • This service, offering an easy-to-use interface in both English and Hindi, represents a significant step towards digitizing public transport in the region.

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature specifically for Delhi NCR commuters, introducing a QR ticketing service via a chatbot for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) riders. This service is set to streamline the process of booking and purchasing bus tickets, marking a significant leap in utilizing technology to enhance public transportation in the region.

Buy DTC Tickets on WhatsApp

In a move that blends technology with convenience, WhatsApp now allows DTC commuters to effortlessly secure their ride tickets through a simple message. By interacting with a chatbot, users can book their journey tickets, making the task of acquiring a bus ticket as easy as sending a ‘Hi’ to a designated phone number or scanning a QR code.

Source: WhatsApp India

Source: WhatsApp India

This WhatsApp-based ticketing system, available in both English and Hindi, caters to travelers on DTC and Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) routes. It offers an innovative Quick purchase feature for those who frequently travel the same route, further simplifying the ticket buying process within the chatbot interface.

A Maximum of Six Tickets Per Transaction

An interesting facet of this system is the ability for a rider to purchase up to six tickets in a single transaction. Payments can be made using the user’s preferred UPI payment method directly within the chat window, encapsulating the entire process in one seamless interaction.

Source: WhatsApp India

Source: WhatsApp India

Ravi Garg, Director of Business Messaging at Meta in India, expressed enthusiasm about this initiative, highlighting its potential to redefine the travel experience for millions of daily commuters in the Delhi NCR region. According to Garg, this step towards digitalizing local transport services through WhatsApp’s platform could significantly enhance customer satisfaction by providing an efficient, sophisticated solution for daily travel.

Seamless Integration

The user-friendly interface of the WhatsApp ticketing chatbot is designed to make planning transit straightforward and interactive, allowing commuters to organize their travel while on the move. This initiative represents a pivotal advancement for the public transport sector, leveraging widely-used platforms like WhatsApp to elevate customer service standards.

Last year, WhatsApp expanded its transport ticketing services to include all metro routes across Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram, offering metro riders a similarly convenient ticket booking option. This continued collaboration underscores the potential of technology to revolutionize how we access and use public transport services, promising a future where tech-driven solutions make commuting hassle-free for everyone.



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