Dunelm shoppers rush to buy ‘brilliant’ tool for drying laundry ‘that works a treat’ and it costs nothing to run

DUNELM shoppers have been rushing to buy a “brilliant” tool for drying your laundry that costs nothing to run.

The homeware specialist is selling a nifty radiator add-on that “works a treat”.

Dunelm shoppers have been rushing to buy a "brilliant" tool for drying your laundry


Dunelm shoppers have been rushing to buy a “brilliant” tool for drying your laundryCredit: Dunelm

It’s a clip-on airer that attaches to any home radiator and allows you to dry your clothes without an expensive tumble dryer.

There are quite a few of these nifty tools on the market at the moment but Dunelm is selling one of the cheapest ones at just a fiver.

The website describes the airer as ‘”ideal for all small in-between drying jobs or flat drying of delicate laundry”.

It has adjustable arms to fit any radiator, as well as a fold-out wing to increase drying space.

The airer has a maximum weight load of 4.5kg and is said to be easy to store away.

It’s approximately 16cm high by 70cm wide and 50cm long.

Shoppers are pretty taken with the tool with some calling it “brilliant”

One reviewer wrote: “Brilliant. Easy to adjust to fit any radiator. Even when full it doesn’t block the heat.

“Ideal for small to medium items. Hanging rails and can be adjusted to dry flat. Very happy with purchase.”

Another commented: “Having changed to a combi boiler these racks make a cheap and convenient way of airing the clothes.

“Easy to fit, easy to remove and easy to tuck away they are useful in the absence of a tumble dryer.”

A third said: “A simple, well-priced dryer that can take small items. There’s an extra piece to increase the size if necessary.

“Folds away and takes up a small amount of space. A useful dryer when the weather has been so bad.”

While a fourth stated: “Once adjusted to fit over the radiator, works a treat.”

“Great value for price. Brilliant dryer and holds lots of items,” another said.

Airers are an effective way of keeping your energy bills low and they are much cheaper than a tumble dryer.

How much your tumble dryer costs depends on the make and model but as an example if you use your dryer around two times a week a 9kg vented tumble dryer will cost £1.54 per cycle and £184.44 per year on average.

Plus, this design in particular is handy because most of us have our heating on at the moment anyway, and this way you can dry your clothes at no extra cost.

Recent figures from CheckaTrade show that the average cost of running your heating per hour is 7p per kilowatt-hour.

This means that if you have a 24kW boiler, it might cost you £1.68 an hour. 

It means that if you have your heating on overnight for eight hours, it could cost you £13.44, but it will be heating your entire house in that time.

If you’re looking for an airer make sure you shop around for the best price, you can use tools like Google Shopping, IdealoPrice Spy and Fakespot to compare prices.

We had a quick look and found just one other price beat Dunelm’s but the airer was smaller and doesn’t fold out this is the Home Solutions Radiator Airer at Home Bargains for £2.99.

Wayfair is selling one for £10.99, while B&Q is selling a single radiator airer for £7 and JVL has one for £7.99.

Of course, make sure to have a look across all the chains on the day you’re shopping in case better deals pop up.

How to avoid mould when drying clothes inside

It’s important to bear in mind though that there is a danger of mould when drying your clothes using the radiator for an extended period or multiple times a week.

But this can be minimised by choosing a well-ventilated room and avoiding small spaces.

Consider instead drying clothes in bathrooms with exhaust fans or utility rooms with windows.

It’s also key to space out clothes, which will not only speed up the drying process but also avoid a damp smell gathering.

Adding an extra 10-minute spin on the washing machine should prove cheaper than using the tumble dryer.

This can help remove additional water build-up on clothes and prevent you from having to hang up soaking-wet items.

Another option is using a dehumidifier to help remove dampness in any room where you dry your washing.

How else you can reduce your bill

Turning down your thermostat just a few notches can help reduce your energy bills by up to £80 a year.

But keeping it at a steady temperature will help you save even more money

Make sure you turn off any appliance you are not using and don’t leave them on standby as that could hike up your bills by £35. 

Check to see if you may be eligible for grants and schemes like the Warm Home Discount if you struggling with energy bills.

Those on Universal Credit and older legacy benefits could get over £3,000 in bill support.

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