Enterprise new road in urgent need of speed bumps – Stabroek News

Dear Editor,

Kindly permit us space with good grace for this publication. We wish to mention the dangerous use of the new road that was done recently and the manner in which vehicles such as cars, minibuses, motorbikes, cyclists, pick-ups, lorries and big sand trucks etc., drive without realizing that a mere mishap can land them into the trench just nearby.

This road can be found using the main access road going into Coldingen (East Coast Demerara) heading from north to south and turning in Enterprise (new) road heading east to west. With much surprise and concern, this road has no humps/ bumps and these vehicles are racing in traffic, without slowing down, nor taking any precaution that pedestrians have to jump off the road and use the parapet for the sole reason so as not to become involved in an accident.

They drive so dangerously and very recklessly as if they are on the main public road. This is most fearful for all of us. We are asking the authorities to kindly introduce road bumps/humps on this new road as it is so necessary to save a life. Of course, the new road through Monica Street in Non Pariel has about six road humps to avoid the death segment whilst this new road is a double lane road heading east to west in Enterprise, and is now a speedway/ speed haven for vehicular traffic.


Concerned residents of



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