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Exploring the Latest Trends in Modern Toilet: A Buyer’s Guide

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The bathroom is incomplete without a modern toilet. Perhaps, it would not be wrong to say that it is the most important part of it and most used too. For so long, toilets were merely seen as a highly functional element of the bathroom. There was not much attention to the aesthetic role of elements. Most toilets were big, requiring a lot of space, usually with a big flush or water tank. There was a standard design without much variation in it.

However, over time, there was innovation improving both its functionality and appearance. What we have today, a modern toilet, is highly comfortable with a design that is pleasing to the eyes. But there are still many variations of toilets in the market that combine modern features and classic elements. Therefore, it is important to know what makes a toilet modern. If you’re in the market for a new toilet, it’s essential to know which features to look for. Fortunately, the toilet range at Royal Bathrooms UK has all the latest advancements you need to make a smart purchase.

 Modern Toilets Vs. Classic Toilets

Before we discuss this any further, it is important to know the difference between a contemporary toilet and a standard classic toilet. There is no agreed-upon definition of a modern toilet. What we know are some features that relate it to contemporary bathroom design.

Differences in the Aesthetics

The first major difference is aesthetics. In the past, there was a low and high-level toilet with a cistern at height. Then the close coupled toilets were manufactured that are single-piece toilets and are still a popular option. In terms of aesthetics, the focus has been to make a toilet take the least space. It is because the bathrooms are becoming smaller, and people want to save space. So, aesthetically a toilet that is compact and takes less space is a modern design. Since a wall hung toilet has a floating style with a cistern completely concealed in the wall, it is considered the most luxurious and minimalist toilet of all.

So, everyone has a focus on making a toilet more and more attractive eyes. A standard toilet, on the other hand, may have a lever handle instead of a flush button with a round standard shape bowl. That may be a different modern style.

Differences in the Features

Though modern features are being introduced in both modern and classic toilets, there may be some features missing in standard toilets. For example, a rimless toilet is a relatively newer innovation. Whether you choose a close coupled toilet, back to wall toilet, or a wall hung toilet, a rimless design is becoming a popular choice. There are more features like a short projection for saving space, dual flushing for saving water, and various attractive shapes that may not be on offer in a standard or classic toilet.

What Features Make a Toilet Modern?

It is important to know the standard features that will make a toilet modern. Here we list a few of them.

  • Rimless Design. An increasingly popular feature for contemporary toilets is rimless design. These are the bowls that have a design without traditional curvy rims that are smooth off. Since there are no nooks and curves, there is no space or gaps available where bacteria can accumulate. As a result, you can have more hygienic toilets that require less effort to clean and maintain.
  • Short Projection In case you are struggling with bathroom space, one way to save space in the toilet will be to install a short projection toilet. Such toilets have decreased distance from bottom to upper corner of it. As a result, it fits in a smaller space. These features are suitable for small bathrooms or cloakrooms.
  • Dual Flushing. Another modern toilet feature is the dual flushing mechanism. It allows you to choose between 3L or 6L, making it an incredible water saving model. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also helps you save money on water bills over time. So, check for this feature in the contemporary toilet too. 
  • Soft Close Seats and Bidet toilet seats. Most people who use toilets are aware of the awful slamming sound when leaving the seat cover shut on its own. A soft close seat, on the other hand, close slowly, preventing its quick shut down. So, there will be no annoyance. It is a feature that was not available in the past. Another variation in it is a budget toilet seat that comes with a bidet fitting in it. Which automatically sprays water on the body area at the bottom, making it clean without much effort from your side
  • Technology Integration in Toilet. Though such toilets are not yet common. But these can be great to make things even more comfortable. From voice control to the automatic warming up of toilet seats, there are endless possibilities in making a more advanced toilet. We may see such toilets in the market in the coming decades. Until that time, you should be looking for the above discussed modern features.

Final Thought

Upgrading your toilet can not only enhance the functionality of your bathroom, but it can also add a touch of style and modernity to your home. With the latest trends in modern toilets, there is an abundance of features that you should be looking for when choosing a new toilet, each with unique features and designs that cater to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for water-saving technology, comfortable seating, or sleek aesthetics, there is a contemporary toilet out there for you. 

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