Five HR Tools for Global Companies Hiring Managers

There are a wide range of HR tools currently available for global companies and their hiring managers. These software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools are designed to simplify traditional and modern HR processes. Companies throughout the world are using these innovative HR tools so that hiring managers and other staff members can complete their tasks in an effective manner.

We will carefully examine 5 HR tools for global firms and hiring managers that can help business organizations remain compliant, follow appropriate guidelines, and ensure that their human resources department is being managed properly. 

#1 – Hibob

HiBob aims to streamline how business organizations operate in the modern world of work with its innovative HR platform, “Bob”. HiBob claims that it’s leading the way for the future workplace. Bob provides resilient, agile tech that wraps all the technicalities of HR processes into a user-friendly tool that touches every worker across the organization.

Since 2015, empowered “Bobbers” from across the globe have brought their authentic selves to work. With expertise in creating intuitive HR systems that will enhance the work experience for HR workers, managers, and staff alike, the HiBob team remains focused on providing the best human resources tools. Described as being agile and adaptable, HiBob innovates via continuous learning loops in order to produce seismic cultural shifts for firms with distributed workforces. Companies using Bob can improve their hiring process, retain qualified talent, and enhance worker engagement.

#2 – Zoho People

With a vision to meet all the HR requirements of a company, Zoho People was introduced as an all-in-one HR solution. As the competition to recruit the best talent is increasing in the digital economy, HRs are in need of the appropriate tools so they can support a productive and engaging workforce.  

During the last 10 years, Zoho People has grown as a product crafting sophisticated, in-depth features that bring the best out of a company’s workforce. With Zoho People, it is easy to automate routine HR processes, nurture your talent and give them a quality experiences at work. 

#3 – Darwinbox

Darwinbox is consistently ranked among the leading providers of cloud-powered Human Resources Management Software (HRMS). Their software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform engages and empowers workers across the complete lifecycle (hire-to-retire) with a smarter, more intuitive and mobile-first HR Tech experience, which is enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Darwinbox reportedly serves more than 750 business organizations and around 2M workers across 100 different countries including major conglomerates as well as emerging technology providers such as Adani, Kopi Kenangan, MatchMove, Mahindra, among many others.

Darwinbox claims that it is among the youngest and the fastest HCM players in the market to have debuted on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for 1000+ Employee Enterprises. The firm became a Unicorn in January 2022, which is notable for an Asian SaaS provider.

#4 – Breezy

Breezy HR is a comprehensive recruiting software suite developed to enhance your recruiting process and designed to work smoothly with your professional team. With this tool, it’s easy to bring people on board in considerably less time (and with a lot less hassle). The HR company’s intuitive, feature-rich platform comes with “always” Unlimited Users (even on their Free Forever plan), as well as Unlimited Jobs on all paid plans.

Your hiring process should become more efficient with their one-of-a-kind, visual approach to pipeline management. An easy drag & drop interface means people on your professional team will be up and running within a few minutes. Meanwhile, Breezy Tasks ensure nothing slips through the cracks or is left unattended.

You can connect with candidates and easily make critical decisions, sooner as well: From the all-new Candidate Match Score (which quickly calculates your “best-fit” applicants) to thorough resume parsing that lays everyone out on uniform, individual cards; to their scorecarding system and Interview Guides that objectively handle everyone’s feedback on a particular candidate.

Their iOS and Android applications allow for your real-time conversations flow, notify your team about key events, and keep workers on the same page –regardless of their physical location.

#5 – Deel

Deel is the comprehensive HR platform for international teams. It assists firms with simplifying every aspect of managing a global and distributed workforce, from culture and onboarding, to domestic payroll and compliance procedures. Deel reportedly works for independent contractors and full-time workers in over 150 different countries in a compliant manner. And getting set up takes only a few minutes because the process is straightforward. At present, Deel serves more than 15,000 clients from SMBs to publicly-traded firms.

If you qualify for Deel Advance, then you can access your paycheck early with no credit checks, interest rates, or applications regardless of your actual location. Deel says they’ve heard many stories of people across the globe utilizing Deel Advance to get access to money when they otherwise would not have been able to. Deel says that innovative products are “not equal around the world,” and they’re pleased to be leveling the “playing field.”

Concluding Remarks

While this is not an exhaustive list of the best HR tools for global companies and hiring managers, it’s worth exploring how these platforms work. They’re specifically designed to enhance everyday HR processes so companies can save time, resources, and effort. It’s expected that HR software tools will become integrated into the operations of nearly all business organizations in the 21st century.

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