Freeview and Sky boost brings great free channel upgrade to your TV this month

If you’re bored of the current content and channels on your TV there’s good news coming later this month if you have Sky or Freeview. The team at the GREAT! Network has just announced the launch of a new service that’s launching on March 20. Called GREAT! Real, it will show purely unscripted content with shows such as Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport, Island Medics, Emergency Rescue: Air, Paddington Station 24/7 and Coast Guard Alaska all being shown on the platform.

GREAT! already has a number of channels available for free including GREAT! Movies, GREAT! Action and GREAT! Romance but this will be the first time it will have a service totally dedicated to real-life shows.

Speaking about the launch, Steve Hornsey, Narrative Entertainment’s VP of Movies & Entertainment, said: “With an array of observational series focusing on dramatic real-life events and human stories, GREAT! Real will take audiences to the heart of the action with an exciting, engaging and relatable content mix that perfectly complements our existing brands.”

It’s likely that your TV may need a retune when it launches but will bring you an update what you need to do and which channel GREAT! Real will broadcast on closer to the time.

This new channel isn’t the only TV boost coming to homes in the first part of the year.

The much-anticipated launch of Freely is scheduled for the spring will offer a brand-new way to view telly for free. Owned by the same company behind Freeview and Freesat, Freely will use your broadband connection to beam live and on-demand shows to televisions across the UK.

That will mean there’s no need for a dish or aerial stuck to your chimney.

Freely promises a hassle-free way of watching telly with users getting access to things such as a MiniGuide which pops up each time they switch channels – this should make it easier and faster to find related live or on-demand content

A special Freely button on remote controls will also bring up a Browse option which shows recommended shows and movies from all of the biggest TV providers.

Finally, there’s a new TV Guide which will be simple to navigate but packed with information such as where to find more episodes of things you enjoy viewing and other content linked to favourites.

Speaking about the news, Sarah Milton and Carl Pfeiffer, Joint Chief Product Officers, Everyone TV said: “It’s clear the way people are watching TV is changing, with more audiences switching over to a broadband only connection.

“We’ve built Freely around the needs of British audiences, bringing them the freedom to choose how they want to watch, with all their favourite shows from the UK’s leading broadcasters all in one place for free. We’re really proud of what we’re launching with Freely and are excited about bringing major enhancements like the MiniGuide to viewers as Freely launches in Q2 this year.”


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