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Full list of DWP state pension and benefit payment date changes in May

There are important changes to and benefit payments in May.

As there are two bank holidays in May, this will affect payment dates for some claimants.

The early May bank holiday this year is on Monday, May 6 while the later May bank holiday is on Monday, May 27.

As a result, payments due on May 6 will go out on Friday, May 3, while those due on May 27 will arrive in people’s bank accounts on Friday, May 24.

This may be worth noting so you know when you will have funds available to cover your daily costs.

These is the full list of DWP benefits that will be affected by the date change:

Benefit payment have increased 6.7 percent this month providing a welcome boost to claimants.

State pensioners also had a boost to their payments, with rates going up 8.5 percent.

This means the full basic state pension has increased to £169.50 a week while the full new state pension is now £221.20 a week.

Felicia Hjertman, founder and CEO of investment platform TILLIT, that people approaching retirement age should check how much state pension they are on track to receive.

She said: “Make sure you understand your eligibility for the state pension. Your National Insurance contributions record plays a notable role in determining your entitlement.

“You should be able to obtain a personal forecast from the government to estimate your state pension amount. You should be able to do this through the HMRC app.”

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