Global CyberPeace Summit announced by CyberPeace in collaboration with C20, G20 India, and the United Service Institution of India

New Delhi: CyberPeace – the global non-profit working on cybersecurity, along with C20, G20 India, and the United Service Institution of India, has announced the inaugural Global CyberPeace Summit, set for September 1, 2023.

The event will aim to address the challenges and opportunities in the global cyber landscape. This will take place at the United Service Institution of India, New Delhi.

The summit will bring together global cyber experts, policymakers, industry leaders and digital enthusiasts active in the field of cybersecurity.

It would aim to foster discussions on the following topics:
– Internet Governance and Cyber Policy Dialogue: Crafting global standards, dialogues, cooperation, and collaboration through cyber diplomacy.- Emerging Technology and CII Dialogue: Anticipating and addressing tomorrow’s cyber challenges while evolving with technological threats.- Cyber Cultures Dialogue: Promoting inclusivity and equity in the digital realm for a truly universal digital community.A special highlight of this year’s Summit is the unveiling of the “Delhi Declaration on Cyber” and the “CyberPeace Protocol,” documents set to redefine global standards and foster collaboration and peace in cyberspace.

Major Vineet Kumar, Founder of the CyberPeace, said, in a statement, “Amidst the dynamic landscape of cyberspace, the Global CyberPeace Summit stands as ato our commitment to fostering harmony, resilience, and collaboration. As we unite stakeholders from diverse corners of the cyber realm, we’re not just discussing the future – we’re shaping it. With the unveiling of the Delhi Declaration and CyberPeace Protocol, we mark a historic step towards a secure and inclusive Cyberspace.”

The Summit also features the exclusive CyberPeace Awards and Honors – “CyberPeace Keepers”, “CyberPeace Ambassadors” and “eRaksha awards”, honouring those who’ve made significant contributions to the realm of cyberpeace. These accolades celebrate champions who embody the vision for a safer cyberspace and inspire a global community to work towards a harmonious digital future for all. The winners of eRaksha Competition, a Nationwide online safety competition jointly conducted by CyberPeace and NCERT, Ministry of Education would also be honoured.

While the in-person attendance is selective owing to a limited seating capacity, virtual participation has been facilitated to allow global attendees to partake in this event.

Registration to the event is mandatory. Registration Link:

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