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Global Payments: Everything You Need to Know

Global Payments: Everything You Need to Know

Global payments is a system of international payments allowing you to transfer funds between countries and currencies. This system can be used to pay for goods and services online such as ordering assistance with your homework from reliable websites like or sending money to relatives and friends abroad, and for business transactions. Businesses most often need the execution of safe and fast global payments.

How to Make and Receive Global Payments?

To use the global payments system, you need to create an account in one of the payment services that support this system. The service by Fondy is currently a confident leader in this market and offers international transactions that take place quickly and without excessive efforts on the payer’s part and the recipient of funds. Simplifying money transfer processes as much as possible, the service also takes care of the safety and security of users’ personal data, so it is the optimal solution for business. 

Moreover, you can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use this service on the official website. In fact, this is a detailed guide on how to use the global payment gateway in each specific case.

Usually, you just need to register and add details to transfer or receive funds. The rest of the operations are carried out in a few clicks and without unnecessary commissions, which everyone has long been tired of, especially in cases where such commissions could be higher or equal to the transaction amount. Moreover, in this way, global payments significantly save time and reduce the number of errors that may occur during a money transfer. In this way, Fondy helps to grow business both locally and internationally, eliminating the difficulty of sending and receiving funds for goods.

The Main Features of Global Payments

Global payments are available in more than 100 countries around the world. Thanks to Fondy, these payments are made instantly through the online service, which is very convenient, because all operations can be carried out even from a mobile phone. No need to enter pin codes, sign checks, or pay crazy fees. In fact, global payments combine various payment systems into a single ecosystem convenient for individuals and businesses to use.


  • You can link any bank card — debit or credit.
  • Transactions with various world currencies are available without overpayments or double currency conversion.
  • It is easy to transfer money without borders and strict rules.
  • Electronic money and cryptocurrency transactions are available. These transactions are carried out as easily as in the case of bank accounts.

Using a payment gateway, both parties can be sure that data is transmitted through closed and encrypted channels without the need to go to additional sites or services and enter data there. Therefore, it is easier for the business to implement the “Instant payment” option on the site, and for the user — to easily and safely pay for goods or services in one click without unnecessary effort or risks.

Fondy is technically a payment aggregator, offering several payment methods that become available immediately after integrating the provider’s services. Moreover, receiving global payments is available around the clock, so it is the best option for those who like to shop abroad or often transfer funds to other countries. It is also a profitable option for online companies that are scaling up and want to offer their audience the highest quality service.

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