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Golden Inu Launches Web App ‘$Golden Dashboard’ & An ICO … – Baltimore Post-Examiner

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Golden Inu token released the official ‘$Golden Dashboard’ app Friday morning.

This disruptive technology has been anticipated for weeks. The Binance-chain-based token’s team of developers first acknowledged the project via Twitter in mid-March.    Since then, the tidbits given about the Dashboard tech have built more positive buzz surrounding how far this $Golden token will grow.

The official web application, which is designed not only for computers but also smart devices [android and iOs], is live at GoldenDashboard.com now.

Disrupting Bad Crypto Trading Habits

The goal of the project is to disrupt crypto traders ‘bad’ habits in trading and make cryptocurrencies show and prove — primarily their liquidity.

Golden Inu token has one of the highest confirmed liquidity pools in the industry when comparing cash reserves to market capitalization.  The market cap, or value of tokens in circulation, are baked by over 33% cash to date.  

More impressively, Golden Inu token’s transaction fees of 7% [slippage fee]  are partially used to build the cash reserves.  Nearly half of those trading fees for buying or selling tokens are directly deposited back into the liquidity pool of the bep-20 token, which is locked for 10 years minimum.

The Golden Inu founder has stated previously that in time, the $Golden token will have $1 cash for every $1 in circulating tokens aka the market cap.

$Golden Liquidity vs Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, & Ethereum

In comparison, rival tokens like Shiba Inu or Dogecoin, are backed by 2% of cash to date.  $1 cash is in their liquidity pool for every $50 to $80 dollars of tokens in active circulation.    Ethereum nor Bitcoin have the $1-to-$1 backing either.

These types of ‘propped’ crypto brands have crashed in the past.   And many of these brands are propped up by the top crypto exchanges who are majority holders of each token. If Crypto.com, Binance, or Coinbase crashed, many of these low-liquidity cryptocurrencies would also crash.

That is why USDC and USDT had issues in the past, which required bail-out plans.

Voyager was bought out by Binance.US to help prevent a meltdown.

Binance Exchange is the only exchange believed to have a higher liquid reserve than tokens on its exchange.

If Golden Inu token continues to grow its liquidity pool, which will be highlighted by the  $Golden Dashboard, it will be the first cryptocurrency to have a market cap of 100% liquidable.

The current points put into the simple reading format by the Golden Dashboard include:

  • Liquidity Pool [cash reserves]
  • Market capitalization [ value of tokens in circulation ]
  • Number Of Wallets Holding Tokens
  • Brand Value Points [ media mentions ]
  • Brand Equity Points [ social mentions ]
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange listings
  • How to Buy
  • Public Discussion Communities

Visit the official site to learn about Golden Inu tokens and gain the intuitive habit of reading into cryptocurrency brand trends.

Initial ICO Yields and New ICO, An Expansion To ERC20 Network

Since the initial launch on Pancake Swap exchange, the $Golden token’s value reached an All-Time High that yielded a +700% return on investment to ICO buy-ins.  

The $Golden token is about to be launched on the Ethereum Network to expand in brand value and equity.  The presale for the erc-20 linked Golden Inu token will take place on the official website: visit now.


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