Google Chrome's Useless Reading Mode To Get a Useful Audio … – Slashdot

Google Chrome is adding a read-aloud option to its reading mode, allowing users to have articles read to them like an audiobook. Android Police reports: Google is actively working to bring additional features to its reading mode, and a handy read-aloud option is already on the way for the Chrome browser. As the name suggests, read aloud basically reads out the entire article, as if you’re listening to an audiobook, with text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities. Again, a few mainstream browsers and apps like Pocket already have the feature, but Google Chrome is only now rolling it out through the Canary channel.

When you open an article in Chrome Canary’s reading mode on the desktop, you will see a new option, as spotted by browser expert Leopeva64. You can use this tiny play button to get the browser to read the article aloud for you. In the video sample shared by the user, you can hear what the narration sounds like — and it isn’t very pleasing. The voice output sounds pretty robotic as it used to be in the early days of TTS conversions, which is especially ironic coming from Google, which has some of the most natural-sounding voice models at its disposal. This clearly indicates that the read-aloud feature is in its early stages of development and will take some time before it becomes ready for prime time.


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