Google News now features Gemini AI. However, it is not a full-fledged implementation – Samsung Magazine

Virtually all of Google’s announcements at its recent developer conference I/About 2024 se concerned artificial intelligence and Gemini, its new intelligent digital assistant. Over the past few weeks, the American giant has started rolling out Gemini to some products, including Workspace or YouTube. And now he started to make it available in News as well.

Over the past few days, some users of the Google Messages app have started gaining access to Gemini. However, it is not a full integration that allows you to summarize messages or intelligently find things inside your messages. Instead, you can interact with Gemini within a chat thread.

When you tap the New Message button, Gemini will appear first in your contact list. After clicking on it, a chat thread will appear, in which you can write what you want to tell the assistant. You can also upload images to give it more context.

According to Google, Gemini in Messages is designed to help you “draft messages, brainstorm ideas, plan events, or just have fun with conversations.” All the conversations you have with Gemini seem to go over the RCS protocol, but they don’t appear to be end-to-end encrypted. At this time, the assistant only supports English. The new function is being introduced in most countries of the world, but unfortunately the Czech Republic is not among them. We can thus hope that this state is not final and that in time we too will be able to “chat” with Gemini in the News.


It’s worth noting that Gemini seems to be coming to the mobile version of Gmail as well. At least that’s according to the analysis of the new version of Gmail for Android (2024.05.19.635289964), carried out by the website Android Authority. Based on it, the website discovered and made available the Gemini button, which is said to allow you to summarize e-mails, propose responses to them, change the nature of responses, etc. Gemini is also said to have (albeit to a limited extent) access to the content of previous emails because he was said to be able to provide the website editor with details of his previous train journey. Recall that the same button is already available in the web version of Gmail, but only for users of the paid set of cloud tools and Google software workspace.


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